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Taking the Chance (Accepting magical characters)

Living the life of a teenager is not easy here in the little town of Alota Days- especially when you're as abnormal as it gets. Students who are wealthy can go to Alota Days High School and have the time of their lives and students who are here on a scholarship can get the best education they can, weather they are human or supernatural.......

Tags: fun, high school, humor, learning, school, students, teachers

Character Approval: Yes

Player Level: Beginner

New Players: Open

Creator: Ursue7

Created: 06-16-2011, 04:11 PM


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Game Log in Core Class Wing

Alota Days's core class wing.

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    Anaya Jones

    Anaya was walking down the hallway with her books held to her chest. She was walking briskly, her heels clicking against the floor. She was unfocused though, making her slightly unbalenced in her little heels. She closed her eyes for just one moment and then fell face first onto the floor. She yelped as she hit the ground, and her books flew across the hallway. She got up onto her knees, her hands locked in front of her. "Ow..." she whispered.
    She managed to get up and pick up her papers, going to the social studdies classroom.

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    In a matter of hurry, Anaya crashed right into something. She was blinded by adreniline, and she had thought she had known her way around the school. She let the buzz disapear and saw that she had run into a guy. She gasped and scrambled to her knees crawling awkwardly over to the boy she knocked over. "Oh my goodness! I'm so very sorry! Are you okay?" she asked, her eyes as big as moons. She was sincerly sorry, and felt really bad for knocking the poor boy over.

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    "Uhh. Sure." she said quietly as she took the hand and pulled herself up. She adjusted her shirt and looked up at the red haired guy. "I'm really sorry about that. Really, really sorry. I didn't think anyone would be in the hallways so I just ran... I left half of my speach in my dorm room." she said, looking away to the left to see a paper. She bent down and picked it up, and then handed it to the guy. "My name's Anaya. I'm the student body president. If you need anything, I'm in the Social Studdies room.. When I get back." she said shyly. She ran a hand through her hair, and sighed. "I am REALLY sorry." she said again.

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    Anaya nodded, smiling a little. "Well, all down this hallway are all the core classes. Reading, Social Studdies and Math are on the right side of the hallway and Science and the library is on the other side." she said slapping her thighs a little. "Well, I gotta go, otherwise I'd give you the grand tour..." she laughed nervously. "Well, I'll talk to you later." she said as she ducked out of the core class wing and into the main building. She went to the dormitory side of the building and went there, going up to her room.
    -Going to Dorm Room-

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    T.K. ran and ran, suddenly tripping over something. She spun over as she landed, making she not to land on anything important. She then sat up quickly to see what had tripped her.
    It was a teacher. Sitting the the hallway, probably sleeping. She blinked a few times, before slinding over to him.
    "Hey, you okay?" she asked, leaning towards him, her green eyes wide. He looked pretty tired, the way his hair was ruffled up.

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    T.K. looked to the wall and then back at him. She blinked a few times before leaning back on her legs, running a hand through her hair. "Blood... On the wall? There's no blood, sir." she said, her eyes narrowing in confusion. She sighed and stood up. "I can get you to the nurse's office. I think I may of kicked you too hard as I tripped on ya'." she said, her words lifting in pitch at the end of a sentence, making them sound like questions.

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    T.K. backed off, a bit scared now. "You don't need to tell me twice." she muttered, turning around. She walked in the direction of where he was staring and headed to the library. When she heard his second "Go away, she turned around, waved her hands around. "Imma girl, not a sir! Goodness you're insane!" she screamed. She muttered under her breath and walked away, hiding the the doorway of a classroom, watching him. He was a curious person, and she was wondering how to manipulate him...

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    Tapping her heels down the hallway she rubbed her neck. "This whole set up changed from last year... I have no idea where the teachers lounge is anymore..." Peering into classrooms she slowly realized she was totally lost in her search and figured she might as well just try and make it to the Cafe to see if there was something to satisfy her hunger there.

    Turning a corner she could hear echos of a mans voice shouting. What could be going on...? Pushing up her glasses she curiously followed the sounds and turned a corner, seeing the familiar shades of distinctive color in T.K.'s hair hiding in a door way. Further down the hall was a familiar face of another teacher, but she couldn't put a name on it. Maybe it was the distance but he was young, which she figured she would recognize. Who was he yelling at? She wanted to know what was going on but didn't exactly know what T.K. was doing either. Maybe she was hiding from him. "Uhm excuse me, Hi... Young Man, can I help you with something...?" She passed T.K. making sure not to draw attention to her or even possibly draw attention away from her if he was a threat.

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    T.K. grabbed Ms. Nakano's arm and pulled her back intp the hiding spot. "Mr.Raven says there's blood on the wall. There's no blood. And then he screamed at me to go, but he wasn't looking at me." she looked up at her, her eyes a little wide. "I think he needs his meds." she said quietly.

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    Stopped by the force of T.K. grabbing her arm she looked at her wide eyed as she was yanked aside. "Oh my." Blinking she tapped a finger on her bottom lip. "I wasn't aware we had any mentally unstable teachers.... do you think the nurse would have his medication? Or would it be in his desk?" Junko figured the best thing to do right now was get him as close to some form of medication as possible without disturbing him further or letting him draw any more attention to himself.

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    "Your desk has a universal key to it. Use that one to look there, and I'll go check the nurse's office." she whispered. She thought for a moment. "But you might get hurt if you try to get past him. He's trying to get someone away... There's a way through the supply closet to the math teacher's room. Follow me." she grabbed Ms. Nakano's hand and walked quickly further down the hallway. She pointed to the door where the supply closet was. "Do through here." she said before running to the nurse's office.

    (I'll make a post in the nurse's office before I go and then T.K.'ll disappear into the library for a while. Please don't go too far next week, I won't be here! So, Bye!)

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    T.K. stopped a good distance before letting the nusre take the lead. Tobias was still very unstable, but the nurse seemed like she had done this many times. She looked for Ms. Nakano before sighed, running her hand through her hair. Now was her chance to run, so she ran into the library, away from all the drama.

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    Diana tried to walk quickly though the hallway but she was begining to feel weak and out of breath already. She hadn't intended on being late, even if classes didn't really start until tomorrow, but she had been feeling unwell that morning and wound up going back to sleep for an hour and a half longer than she intended. Diana stopped and leaned against the wall to catch her breath. Maybe her grandmother was right, she should've just taken off the first week as usual, especially since sh had just gotten out of the hospital a week ago. 'No...!' Diana thought to herself. That would defeat the whole purpose. She came here because she wanted the chance to be at school and make friends for once. Usually being absent the first couple of weeks left her without anybody because everyone has already formed their group of friends by then. Then even if she does find people to hang around she would be absent too many times to really make friends with them.

    Diana pushed herself off the wall. 'This year would be different.' She thought to herself as she made her way to check out her first class. It was math, her worst subject. She had always found the concepts hard to learn when she had to teach them to herself or even learn them from her grandmother. But this year would be far different. She just knew it.

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    -The time has changed.
    Time: After School (3:30)
    Temperature: summer breezy-

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    Grace walked through the hallway gripping the shoulder straps of her black backpack, which doesn't seemed to be filled with stuff. I think I might be lost... She thought, continuing to walk through the long hallway, looking around and examining the surroundings. She saw nothing but doors and a bunch of windows.

    Damn, where am I?

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