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Amelia 'Amy'

Roleplay: "Taking the Chance (Accepting magical characters)"


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The girl with extraordinary talent, who hates it.

She's got short black hair, and these bright green eyes. She pale and slim and is always found with a hat on her head or her bangs covering her eyes.

She's an extremely shy girl with stage fright. She's very shy and tries to avoid any form of contact, which caused her to be bullied at her old school. She decided to take the scholarship to try to face her fears, start over and become the girl she wishes she could be inside, hoping that one day things will be better.

Besides the fact she avoids human contact, when she does, she's very nice about it. There isn't a mean bone in her body. She adores little kids and she's not so shy around them. She's little, to no self esteem and all she wants is someone where she could be normal, loud and social instead of her, abnormal, quiet, anti social self.

Equipment / Abilities
She's got an amazing singing voice. She's also a guitar player and a writer. She's also psychic and can draw out the visions she sees. Her art skills aren't that bad either.

Living with two fathers was a bit harsh on her in school ways due to ignorant people. She was adopted by her parents and raised with an older brother, who was adopted as well. She also has two baby brothers (adopted) who are only a few months old, and she raises them when she can.

She has a black cat. Her cat has these amber eyes. Her cat is very protective of her owner and is quite shy as well.