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    I'm so sorry that I just got back to you. I've been on and off the site, and I was starting to give up on people being around. I know this is SUPER late, but if you still want to join, go for it! I prefer to use real-life FCs. If you choose to make an idol who is going to join any of the AI Groups, make sure to have animated avatar stand-ins in place. Whether or not it's important to the AIdol's story, you can also include a picture of their real-life face, if you so choose.
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    Oh, yay! I will look forward to your character if you do decide to join.
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    Hello! Hi! I don't think I ever had the pleasure of interacting with you before. I used to be on the site way back when in 2014, and now I'm back. I was wondering if you were interested in RPing. I just recently created an RP called Pick Me For Your Dreams. I'm looking for some people to join. If that's too grand a venture, we can also start with a 1x1. It's quite a shame that there's barely a soul since I met some really cool people here, and this site really helped me improve as a writer.
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    *rolls around page*
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    Hey! Welcome to the play. ♥ Feel free to invite your friends. I haven't been on WTF in ages and everyone I used to know is looongg gone. I couldn't recommend anyone if I tried, lol.
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    *poke* you felt nothing *shifty eyes*
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    Hey! I just made a new roleplay about getting stuck inside a video game. I would love it if you would come check it out and maybe join! http://www.wtfrpg.com/forum/showthre...-Code-Crawlers
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    Yeah your most recent post doesn't really work with what I had planned, not to mention your post is very out of left field in pace. No offense meant by this, but you basically wrote your character out of the RP for the time being (as it stands). As much as it would be awesome to let you RP with yourself (and if you really, really, really want to I can make you a personal location to play out your personal scene by yourself) it's just not very conducive to group roleplaying (sort of lacks the group element!)

    Plus you very much threw a curve ball at me with that post. It was a very sudden, jarring shift from "talking about the game plan" to your character GTFOing the house like she doesn't give no fucks.

    I'm putting posting on hold for a moment while we talk shop OOC.

    Don't worry though, I'm not mad or anything, I'm just a bit out of sorts I really didn't see your post coming and the shift totally threw me for a loop there . . . so I'm just confused is all and I want to just fix this hiccup.
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    Question you do understand Lorenzo Gonzalez as a Transporter is a weapons transporter, not a drug dealer/transporter right? Tally's people do not handle any form of drugs, they deal in arms only.
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    Haha, I am familiar with many a door jokies~
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