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    Hey Venin. I was skimming through the 1x1 requests and saw the Soul Eater OC RP idea you had with vickiazn. I realize this is a 1x1 but I figured if I never asked I'd never know so...

    ...may I join?

    It's perfectly fine if you say no, I won't object, but I figure it's worth a shot to ask.
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    Sorry, I didn't mean to rush you. Of course I'll give insight and I'll help as much as I can.
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    Hey, have you started it or do you need help with it? Because I was gonna start making a character when I got home yesterday, but I wasn't expecting to get home so late. . . Anyways, I'm here to help!
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    IDK if you're still recruiting for your RPs in the forum thread, but I posted anyway. . .
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    I'd love to retry the Angel x Demon type RP. Can you PM me the scenario?
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    Hi Ven :3
    I'd love to start a new RP! I've finally got time on my hands so..
    Any ideas?
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    Oh hooray!! :3
    I'll try to reply as soon as possible.
    It's nice to hear from you after this long while~ Or at least what feels like a long time..
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    I will be~
    I hope your friends will be okay too.
    And yay replies~! :3
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    Just dropping by to say hi before my power is whacked out by hurricane Sandy in a day or two ; u ;
    I hope that you're far away enough to not be hit XD
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    Lookit who finally posted ; u ;
    I'm so sorry it took so damn long -- school is killing me slowly. With only 3 hours of sleep per night for the past three weeks I'm just... nope. All the nopes. *falls into the abyss*
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    A place for you to stick your characters in case you want a back-up.
    World War III wrecked havoc on our planet. Along came consequences: the annihilation of the majority of the population and the uninhabitability of the world. The uninhabitable, radiation-filled zones are collectively called the "Corruption Garden," and thats where the game 's played. Riders battle in Hollies and Photons, some for entertainment, others for blood.
    Dear Alice - Adult
    Alice is back, and a sweet horror has been waiting for her.// A roleplay allowing you to go as mad as you wish.// Have some fun together, lovely psychos
    All fantasy advocates look this way anything that can imagine can happen in here (except killing each other)
    These are but a few stories in the desert world of Amara, and in time, when their final pages have turned, they will be buried in the sand and it would be as though they never happened at all.
    Private RP between Ven and MKF
    Human kind lives on the dawn of “going back to normal” after decades of fighting against the infected or "zombies" as people call them. After a long time it’s generally allowed to plan your future and enjoy life despite of the infected scratching on the city walls. If only people could get enough of the medication on their havens to start work to save the infected and people at other safe cities.
    In the year 2112, the world has been torn apart by war and the government has taken over. To prevent an uprising and another war, the government created the MetaMorphosis Project: a plan to fuse/create a group of humanoids to become the standard for acceptance ...Will you be one of the lucky Enhanced?
    What happens when a rescued pet turns into a handsome man before your very eyes? Let's find out

    Alex Talbot   (played in Generation 2)
    Just... leave me alone ok?
    Alexander Hunt   (parked in character pool)
    "How dare you speak to me that way...I am from nobility!"
    Alexander Hunt   (played in Demons kiss)
    "How dare you speak to me that way...I am from nobility!"
    Arlen Rey Atteburg   (played in Corruption Garden [WIP])
    Always analyzing the fight. The calculating rider of the Scorpio Halion!
    Era Basil   (played in Hide them, Keep them safe.)
    A helpful werewolf who'll take on any job.
    Gregory Edward   (played in Clone Warehouse)
    "Well that...That looks good enough to eat..."
    Jere Black   (played in The Metamorphosis Project(Needs Players!))
    The slightly unstable psychic Enhanced...
    Jere Euton   (played in The perfect pet~ Private)
    Work in progress
    Kenaz Isa Tiwaz (Kit)   (played in Eternal Sands - Closed)
    "Kenaz Isa Tiwaz the wandering Runemage"
    Kenaz Isa Tiwaz (Kit)   (parked in character pool)
    "Kenaz Isa Tiwaz the wandering Runemage"
    Nate Carlyn   (played in Fire of Life~ Private)
    "Why won't the magic happen? What am i doing wrong....?"
    Ryan Suinen   (parked in character pool)
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