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    Avoaraci Academy, a school like none other. Its campus is like a huge mansion, towering above all other schools in the world. Everyone wants to get into the academy. However, everyone doesn't know the dark secrets that it keeps locked inside...Welcome to Avoaraci Academy, a place that is most definitely not like the rest
    Welcome to Colville Private Academy, where only the most elite or most talented from around the world are allowed to walk the halls. If you've received this invitation to join The Colville Academy Host Club, then congratulations, you're desirable asset to even those who have it all.
    Darkness Falls - Adult
    Knights and barbarians, once bitter enemies, must now band together if they will have any hope of survival in the terrible new world, transformed in the wake of a catastrophic event. In this medieval fantasy/post-apocalyptic RP, you will do what you have to do or die, for there can be no mercy for the weak when darkness falls and horrors rise in the night.
    Exes and Ohs. - Adult
    1x1 between AlexSilverX and Ophelia
    A grid-based team vs team action RP featuring a leveling system, a strong PvP focus and a fair but simple system that incorporates tactics, planning and a minor degree of luck. This detailed online RP with a tabletop feel will take full advantage of every and all aspects of WTFRPG to bring you the most enjoyable experience possible.
    Things are changing...At a fast pace-What will you do...Who will you be?
    A top secret government testing lab built right into a school? Well isn't that odd? Don't you think someone would notice? Once you join this club though... you are never heard from again... well at least most aren't.
    A fantasy nation-based role-play where you are in charge of developing your own kingdom. Will you be a wise and peaceful ruler with many alliances or a ruthless conqueror who's very name summons terror and respect? Whether you are human, elf, gnome, male, female, what matters is not how you were born but what you make of it. Will you command legions of men, or rain fire upon your enemies with the help of powerful Drakes? It is for you to decide!
    Necromancers from certain spots all over have joined forces and made a city called Necro-City. They have taken in the Vampire hunters to go out and capture vampires (Kill them.) They have been at war with Three of the Vampire Societies for over 2 years. Unknowing of the Necromancer's plan, everyone fights for survival. Which side will you choose?
    Within the world of NOW, anything is possible. To be a fighter, dueler, to use magic, and to even make a home for yourself. It was the most popular game ever to be released in the world for virtual reality MMORPG form.....the players though, just didn't expect they weren't playing 'just a game' anymore.
    Step into the world of Nonu Maihel Online or NMO. It's your escape away from reality. That is until the lines are blurred and virtual reality becomes your only reality. To survive, you must complete the game without depleting your life
    Pandorica - Adult
    In a world torn apart from war and reduced to a wasteland one shining beacon of hope still remains. Welcome To the city Pandorica!
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    ΛEdge   (played in Nonu Maihel Online)
    Two things separate games from menial tasks; challenge and novelty.
    'Nique Savage   (played in T&A)
    'nique, a recent arrival in the prison who lives through a twisted and unique code of morals. She abuses her innocently beautiful appearance to get her way.
    Abel Calside   (played in Colville Academy Host Club)
    Could I interest you in seeing me again... after hours?
    Acies Vitale   (played in The Coming Darkness 2)
    "If you want to fight me you might want to start trying your best... oh, you were..."
    Adam Barzahd   (played in Exes and Ohs.)
    The dethroned blood king.
    Adam Blackwield   (played in The Experiments)
    The problem with knowing the future is that there isn't always a good outcome, only a "least" unfortunate one.
    Akito Akumaki   (played in The New Fujisaki)
    Shinji's #1 follower.
    Alexandre   (played in Why a throne?)
    A french noble banished to England upon returning from a trip to the new world.
    Allen "Lazy" Parker   (played in T&A)
    The overly lucky and somewhat crazy gunslinger
    Alpheus Hamath Obelus   (played in Necromance-City)
    Head Necromancer.
    Aru Shuhame   (played in The New Fujisaki)
    One of the guys, the lone prodigy.
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