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    Hey there!

    Just wanted to let you know Sins of the Fathers will be picking up again, thought it would be a good idea to send a little notification to everyone on behalf of Tigerkytii. c:
  3. I'm almostt done zeeee drawing Just fixing it up a bit~
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    Haha cools. I've always had some weird timing XD Probably helps I tend to get clicky (check things every few minutes) when bored lol
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    *waves* Hiya, how's you? Just noticed your on so decided to pop by and say hi XD
  6. I'm sure I will at some point. There are times when you just need someone to give you a helping hand to get you situated
  7. Thanks! I just joined so I'm still getting used to the site and where everything is located XD
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    Can you check in the roleplay to see if there is a new place visable too you?
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    Did you get the key I sent you?
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    Thank you. :3
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    (one on one). This is the story of three kingdoms that are at great tension with each other. Two are already at war and things are only becoming more complicated with the passing days. Of course, if the arranged marriage between the Prince of Nevyll and the Princess of Triem goes through, then the war will obviously go in Nevyll's favor. The only flaw in this concept is that the prince has no real interest in his betrothed princess. Will the third kingdom assure the winning side in the war by completing a long planned marriage, or will they join the war as well when the marriage fails? What will happen to the Prince of Nevyll and his closest knights? Only time will tell.
    What happens when young man very grounded in reality gets taken to another one entirely, where everything he's always believed to be myth is reality? Will those he meets be able to convince him he's not dreaming, or will he meet his doom trying to wake up from something he thinks is a dream?
    A place for you to stick your characters in case you want a back-up.
    The Interdimensional School of Knowledge was founded long ago by creatures of knowledge, dragons to be specific. They knew how to cross dimensions and the like easily and those that founded this school found some things common amongst them all; Those who needed education in many things including on how to lead their nations, on their powers and abilities, and much much more. So over the course of time this school was formed in an Interdimensional plane and connected to many different dimensions or planes. Of course those who live in the dimensions may or may not know of the place commonly as it varies depending on the type of people there. But for those who find need for the school will always end up somehow finding out about it, and a way to find the portal that they need.
    WTF RPG.com's very own chaotic Multiverse. Come practice rpging or look for a quick gaming fix.
    This is a game like no other game you have played on here. I will be your gm, and will be taking you on a path through the land of Xanth. It is a land oddly shaped like the peninsula of Florida in drear mundania with a gap running across the middle that every one forgets, strange monsters such as goblins and tangle trees, and a place where every human has a single talent! Oh, and we can't forget that pillows grown on bushes, as do swords and pies while you get drinks from milk pod weeds of lake Tsoda popka. Come then, my children, into the land of Xanth and let me be your guide!

    Nicolas Du'Prix   (parked in character pool)
    Just a normal guy with a kind heart
    Nicolas Du'Prix   (played in Beyond Realities- Private)
    Just a normal guy with a kind heart
    Prince Karidos Ne'fraun   (parked in character pool)
    Karidos is a well versed young prince in line to become king
    Prince Xavier Tillian   (played in Between the Shadows)
    Young prince of the Nevyll Kingdom
    The Seeker   (played in Clone Warehouse)
    A time lord who wears a jacket with many pockets and is seeking something...
    The Seeker   (played in The Interdimensional School of Knowledge)
    A time lord who wears a jacket with many pockets and is seeking something...
    The Seeker   (played in The WTF Multiverse)
    A time lord who wears a jacket with many pockets and is seeking something...