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April 29, 1992 (28)
About Misaru
Well, let me see. Here on request so feel happy I am here. Avid lover of writing and roleplaying. I am also here because the light outside scares me.
Not roleplaying.
Pulling weeds.



Would you stop pointing it out every time?


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    A place for you to stick your characters in case you want a back-up.
    A roleplay made to help those that feel they could stand to be better.
    A group of young adults take a trip to Tokyo, Japan in hopes to live out their wildest anime inspired fantasies. But instead of a fun-filled vacation, they find themselves dead center of a zombie outbreak. This is not the genre they were planning on experiencing. Now they have to find a way to survive, and maybe a way back home!
    The Ruby Gate - Adult
    The Gods seem to have something in store for the Ten Knights who wield the Holy Weapons, but the prophecies which could lend a clue to the path they must take, have long been lost. Do the Holy Sisters have the answers? What is the curse which is slowly covering the land? Only the Knights can find out

    Hitman "Risk"   (played in Clone Warehouse)
    “Scream louder, dirtbag! I wanna HEAR your pain! Ahaha!”
    Kenso Arenai   (played in Clone Warehouse)
    A ignorant, "innocent" male that will soon find out that kindness can kill.
    Lynn Morris~   (parked in character pool)
    The Vengeful arrives with the mouth of a flash fire...
    Maki Ai   (played in The Apocalypse is a Plane Ticket Away)
    Etto...? Eh? Matte! This wasn’t in my contract!
    Mister Misaru   (played in Ready for improvement?)
    Used to teach. POMF.
    Mizuki Ferance   (parked in character pool)
    A tactical genius that demands respect, despite being a goof.
    Osaka Ferance   (parked in character pool)
    Do you think they make just anyone a God? Huhuhu, simple minded child.
    Seraphrim   (played in The Ruby Gate)
    The Knight of Earth, Seraphrim.
    Treiz Sinclair   (parked in character pool)
    The Kight of the Rain.
    Triez Klien   (played in Clone Warehouse)
    "Tch. You know, a peice works better than a bat."
    Zack Clenn   (parked in character pool)
    “Oi, oi, OI! Get back, wimp!”