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Gavyn Locke

Roleplay: "Clone Warehouse"

Player: Schizophrenic

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A doe-eyed girl determined to show the world she is strong, but will she prove usefull when it's down to the wire?

"I know I may not look strong... but please, let me protect you!"

Nickname: None
Gender: Female

Preference: Unsure
Age: 19
Eye Color: A mix of light and dark shimmering blues.
Hair Color: Dark Chocolate
Height/Weight: 5'7" / 130 lbs

Growing up as "the weak one" had certainly took a toll on her self confidence her whole life. Coming from a family of strictly traditional looking Nithlium people, Gavyn was singled out as one of the incapable and frail. According to her parents, she would never be able to handle herself out on her own with all the creatures and ill willed laRonk running a muck. After ages of this idea being drilled into her head, she believed it herself.

A very polite and well mannered girl she works hard on developing gardening and cooking skills to repay those that looked after her. In a way the fuel that drove her to improve herself and her skills was fed by the belief that she needed to be useful in some way, any way. So she does come off as eager to please and overly attentive.

Her good nature tends to inevitable get her in trouble within her homeland, the corrupt of Nithlium quickly preying on the doe eyed female.

Equipment / Abilities
  • The Ribbons of Emotion
                          The tale of how Gavyn had encountered the mystical ribbons is something she rarely speaks of, because not only was it the day her life changed forever but it was also the day she lost someone very dear to her. It had been half a year since her grandmother had fallen ill, and the necessary medicinal care was forbidden to those who could not pay the outrageous price for it. The woman was not quite at that age when it was only natural to pass, and the laRonk were sure to rob her of the years that she could have had. It was her grandmothers wish to be buried at sea, and that wish was granted. The Locke family conducted a private ceremony far out off the coast of her homeland, and as her body sunk into the deep blue sea Gavyn could only watch in heartbreak, wishing that she could have helped in any way. Upon docking back on land, Gavyn spent the rest of that day sitting on the rocky coast and staring off into the endless waters. As if a sign and a blessing from her departed grandmother, two long light blue and beautifully embroidered ribbons floated atop the glassy sea toward the wide eyed teen. Reaching out to retrieve them, the ribbons climbed their way up her hands and wrapped themselves around both of her wrists and tied cleanly in bows. Since then, she has been gifted with a supply of elemental powers, to which she has not yet to fully explore... along with what she can only describe as the spirit and essence of her deceased grandmother.

  • The Healer
                   One special trait the water element brings to her fingertips is the power to heal through the use of purified water.

Sideways glances and careless whispers filled up her village as the girl began to grow. Upon birth, other than her dark hair she was cursed with the traits of a frailer kind. Unlike her family of brute and strong men and women, the frail and boney child was a recipe for disaster. Not ashamed, but more over protective Gavyns parents kept her closed up within the walls of their home. Due to old age, her grandmother was almost always home with her, and was sure to teach her all the ways of her people, along with many other crafts and skills. Gavyn became very attached to her grandmother and to this day owes almost all of her knowledge and experiences to her. The day illness took the woman away from her drove her to work even harder...

but now... equipped with abilities and powers that only the gods have possessed is giving her a new lease on life. The time is now to aggressively train her skills and for once in her life she will be able to protect someone, instead of always being the one that is protected.


Cooking, baking, reading, swimming, and dancing in the rain.
Dislikes: Watching the innocent get hurt, loud noises, being the bud of many "weakling" jokes.