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Fire is heresy here. The Priest-King and the cult of the sun god Loegir rule the city of Seboet with an iron fist, using manipulation, trickery and violence to enforce their rule. But deep within the walls of the grandest temple of the city, The Seeress plots and The Seer watches.......

Tags: competitive, custom setting, fantasy, freeform, magic, rebellion, rebels, religion, team versus team

Character Approval: Yes

Player Level: Intermediate

New Players: Open

Creator: Eden

Created: 08-06-2011, 06:50 PM


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Game World

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Seboet   ( 0 posts )
At the center of the city lies its heart, the seat of all government and religion. Just outside this core lie the wealthiest of the wealthiest, and just outside those, the somewhat less wealthy.
Dahlia's Backrooms   ( 8 posts )
The Flame's hidden base of operations. For a fair fee, they make use of private rooms and a back door, right under the noses of the cult.
Dahlia's Bathhouse   ( 0 posts )
Run by a retired priestess of Loegir, this simple bathhouse serves as a front for The Flame. Includes heated baths, a hidden hookah bar, and other less-than-legal amenities.
Inner Sanctum   ( 0 posts )
Protected by latticed steel and heavy linen drapery, The Oracle is seen only as a shadow behind a veil by those they call on.
Temple Square   ( 0 posts )
Gilded stone walls, windows draped with yellow linen and paved walkways mark the beginning of the Temple Square. If itís important, itís probably happening in one of these buildings.
The Grand Temple   ( 1 posts )
Here lies the seat of Seboetís government and religion and is the home of the Priest-King, The Oracle and many high officials.
The Market Hub   ( 67 posts )
The hub of the city, for both the Heretics and the Followers. The alleys and sides of Temple Road are packed with merchants both from in and outside the city. It is the only place in which people from all over the city mingle.
The Slums   ( 0 posts )
The filthy, starving masses live here, waiting to be sent to war, the fields or some building project. Here, revolution festers.
Places 1 to 8 of 8

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