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Trip By Train, To The Beach Mansion's Station.

I'm here, like you (hopefully) because we like roleplays with lots of details in them! Either by character actions, or environmental descriptions. This is where you can let loose on that creativity and give shape to poetic scenery by words or any other means. The trip, has begun.......

Tags: adventure, anime, creative, detailed, furry, mansion, mystical, open, station, story, train

Character Approval: Yes

Player Level: Intermediate

New Players: Open

Creator: Fizzy

Created: 01-11-2015, 10:49 PM


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Something you should know, before joining this RP is that I am new; to all of this. So if you have any suggestions on improvement, location addition or whatever else; please tell me~! I might not respond so quickly, although if it is a good idea, 'good' being an improvement to roleplay; then I most likely will add it!

Enough about that, now to the storyline. The mansion is a place, very well kept to the fact that; not a single soul lives with in.. Probably? Not much is known about this location, besides that people seem to arrive at the mansion. Either by the underground train station; precisely beneath the mansion or by any other means of transportation. These people are varied in all sorts of ways, having scales, fur or skin; long ears and tails or non. But the station who greets you upon entrance, it doesn't care; it creeks of unstable fallen pillars for a welcome, to anyone. This station is, aside from the mansion itself and described like above; much more of a wreck and not considered a safe place to stay.

When one would go by train, the first this individual would notice is small bumps at first. Which became rougher and rougher before the train would, smash into an already present train infront; giving people riding the functional train abit of a toss at the direction of impact. Whilst for some lucky people, the lights in the train might remain but, for more unfortunate ones; let's just say, you don't wanna be scared of the dark.

The door was obvious to still operational after the crash, as it automatically opens a few moments after the immediate stop caused by a frontal crash; leaving away a hissing whilst moving along its railings. Outside it, would be a continuous tunnel stretching forever backwards from where the train, and you; had come from. But looking forwards one may see another train, the one yours had crashed into. It did seem to be leaning away from the train platform, making an open v shaped exit from the dark tunnel your train still, were in. 

Surrounding the mansion

The Beach Mansion, is a location where a huge residential building resides;facing an ocean of crystal clear turquoise tinted transparent water to the south.With a beach stretching as far as one can see at both directions of the mansion,which was placed inbetween two biomes. To the west of the mansion were to be seen, a dense rainforest which looked almost impossible to travel through.In large contrast to the opposite side of the mansion, eastwards would reveal a seemingly endless desert; grained with hot sand in forms of dunes. 

These two ecosystems are parted by a grass plain inbetween, which the mansion stands sturdily on, right above the beach. And now with only one more bearing left, north, where the strip of grass between rain forest and desert stretches far. But not endless this time, no; it goes directly to a mountain range behind the mansion. This range, is enormous; reaching up above the few clouds in the sky and even furtherer. With broad bases, these highpoints are sure to cover what is behind it from the distance of the.


The rules are many and might increase if necessary, but there are a view things you should keep in mind;

to make this a nice experience and friendly place for anime/furry roleplayers and others alike! (Or not alike :3 )

Please do not see these rules as limiters but rather like guidelines. I won't take action unless someone asks me and have

clear proof of an offender. You should always try and speak to whoever you rp with, before consulting me. However if

that isn't possible for any reason, do contact me. If you have questions or, suggestions~ 

don't fear to ask or let me know; I'm happy to help you out ^^

Try not to:

Force actions and/or events upon another or others.

As in godmode, being all powerful for example: one character completely destroys the other 

by only a mere touch of a fingertip. This obviously exclude having consent from whom you

roleplay with.


for example crush a person with a tree the op-rp'er pulled out of the ground.


That of controlling another player and how they move. Not to be confused with

 "tries to" as in a person trying to grip your wrist and bring it back to your shoulder blades.


Meaning that a person remote from another, knows what that other person is doing for some sort of implausible reason.

Mix IC and OOC

In character posts at the OOC chat and out of character messages in the IC location.


Teleport to places, as in being in one part of the mansion to be at the another place in seemingly an instance. Sprinting through several rooms to the destination is aloud of course, although do notify the locations you are running through them; and if you have time, acknowledge the people in it with maybe a wave~?

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