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♥ Heart Chains ♥

:: What would you do if your future was in the hands of the Government ::......

Tags: apocalyptic, fantasy, future, love, war

Character Approval: Yes

Player Level: Intermediate

New Players: Open


Created: 05-13-2014, 12:15 AM


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The year is 2120. Homes have taken up all of nature. Soon, there won't be any earth left to expand. The world government, formed in 2065, decided that something must been done about this population problem. They decided to create a new system of controlled reproduction. At every birth, the new born is given a heart necklace on a chain. They are to start wearing this chain at age 13. This chain is technologically connected to another chain that has been given to another new born baby. In life, when the two chains get within 20 feet of each other, they emit a small light and a warmth against the holder's skin.

However, the government thought, Why should every child get this honor? We don't want beggars and the poor to populate our earth.


And so, only children born to families considered upper-middle class and higher are allowed to gain these necklaces. Anyone performing sexual relations or even dating without a Chained heart will be punished severely. This way the government can start weeding out the poor-er population without unnecessary murder.


40 years have gone by after this law has been passed. Rebellion from the lower population has started to rise up and try to fight against their human right to fall in love. Thousands of Rebel fighters have died against the brutal police force of the government. The main rebellion is happening in the capital of the world, Metropolis, where "The Chained" live in peace and "The Bare necks" live in the slums.


Will you be a part of the "The Chained", helping the government or helping "The Bare Necks"? Or will you be one of the unlucky few to be without a Necklace and try to take down the government and their laws!



  • Romance is completely fine - Let's not make it everything the RP is about, however. It's is a war, per-say.
  • Literacy - At least 2+ paragraphs, please.
  • Grammar - I understand a few spelling mistakes and grammar mix ups. But let's try, yes?
  • Violence is welcome. Deaths must be spoken to with me and the character that is going to die.
  • I'd like Illustrated images please - Nothing to generic, though, thanks.
  • Feel free to add your own plot twists. This is a mix of fighting and political wars - Skeezy bastards are bound to be everywhere.


  • God modding or power playing.
  • Making your character too powerful, or without weakness 
  • Disrespect of the Owner or any other Player
  • OOC drama.
  • One liners.


  • I will be taking 12 character for this RP at first - 6 Bare Necks and 6 Chained - if I feel like I'm in good control of that, I'll accept more characters.
  • If you will not be posting for a few days, please PM or say so in the OOC thread. 
  • I'm fairly easy to talk to. So don't be afraid to PM with questions or anything of the like. 
  • Feel free to plot with other players or myself.
  • If I think of anything else, I'll add it here.

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