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Generation 2

Human kind lives on the dawn of “going back to normal” after decades of fighting against the infected or "zombies" as people call them. After a long time it’s generally allowed to plan your future and enjoy life despite of the infected scratching on the city walls. If only people could get enough of the medication on their havens to start work to save the infected and people at other safe cities.......

Tags: apocalypse, badgers, dystopia, fighting, survival, zombie apocalypse, zombies

Character Approval: Yes

Player Level: Beginner

New Players: Open

Creator: Gess Jahd

Created: 06-29-2011, 07:50 PM


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Game World

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Safe City Wunsch   ( 10 posts )
A haven located somewhere around the area of what used to be called Germany.
Badgers Hollow   ( 0 posts )
One of the real apartment buildings left in the city. Anyone can claim an apartment for their use.
Apartment 3   ( 1 posts )
Kai Shroff's second floor apartment. One of the best condition apartments there is left.
Apartment 5   ( 1 posts )
Rebecca Matthews' third floor apartment.
Inner city - Locked   ( 2 posts )
The second walling which in the Elite lives.
You don't have a key for this place.
St. Paulus theater   ( 0 posts )
An old, run down theater currently inhabited by Skylar Mackenzie. The front door is locked, but there is access through a back door.
The bank   ( 7 posts )
Bank offers safe lockers for your most valuable items and money but gives loans out only for the Elite. Also holds Doctor Karnyn's Office.
Bank Manager's Office - Locked   ( 0 posts )
Bank Manager's Office. Make an appointment beforehand!
You don't have a key for this place.
The library   ( 84 posts )
Common gathering place for passing time. Has very little books left since they've been stolen for the most varied purposes.
Library's attic - Locked   ( 1 posts )
The living place of Ea Cipriani. People don't get to visit there often neither they usually want to.
You don't have a key for this place.
Surroundings of Wunsch   ( 1 posts )
It's dangerous to spend time in here and no-one is advised to do so. Infected move around the city in small groups all the time, especially during night. There is stuff to loot nevertheless.
Places 1 to 11 of 11

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