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Taking the Chance (Accepting magical characters)

Living the life of a teenager is not easy here in the little town of Alota Days- especially when you're as abnormal as it gets. Students who are wealthy can go to Alota Days High School and have the time of their lives and students who are here on a scholarship can get the best education they can, weather they are human or supernatural.......

Tags: fun, high school, humor, learning, school, students, teachers

Character Approval: Yes

Player Level: Beginner

New Players: Open

Creator: Ursue7

Created: 06-16-2011, 04:11 PM


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Game Log in Social Studdies Class- Mr. Thomas Ridford

Where students study social studdies.

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    He had pulled out a key from his right pocket and opened the door to his room. Mr Ridford was opening the door to one of the most open classrooms in the entire school. It consisted of debates and the best teaching of history which any person in his field could not match. He however made sure people also learned and didn't take his class for granted. If they followed the rules in place.

    He had a chalkboard so he went over to it and grabbed a piece of chalk. It felt just like chalk should feel. Like it'll stay there unless some fool comes by to erase it. As he looked a the board he would right in the middle and at the top what would become his classroom rules.

    Ridford Rules
    1. All students are to be on time unless excused by the proper methods.
    2. Debates are once daily and only consist of half of the class.
    3. Study materials are needed daily and assignments will be worth alot of points.
    4. Test are rare and few but naturally worth alot of points.
    5. Respect your fellow students or go to the deans.
    6. Any missed time shall be made up on your own and not the classes.
    7. Follow all or face punishment.

    He looked at what he wrote and he thought it was rather well set. He had to set an example to all future students which would surely show that he was in command of the classroom and that history was going to be taught and will go into their heads whether the students like it or not.

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    Headmaster's voice comes on the intercom.
    "Hello teachers and students, thank you for coming to Alota Days's 2nd anual "School Tour Day. Teachers, please get into your classrooms ASAP."
    The Intercom clicks off.

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    Anaya Jones

    Anaya limped into the social studdies room, putting her books down on a desk and sitting down to check out her knee. It only just stung, but a blue and purple bruise started to form. She hissed quietly before looking up at Mr. Ridford. "'Ello, sir." she said simply before tending to her bruise a little more.

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    "Hello." He had noticed she got a bruise and simply would shrug it off though remarking at that she should tend it if it gets worse and perhaps head to the nurses to see that she gets something done to it.

    He was busy looking at his desk as he had to think of as to what his syllabus would say as to what to expect the whole entire year. So he turned on his computer and logged into the school network to only open a word processor. Here is what his class syllabus would say.


    1. Soviet Bloc

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    She had pressed a few pressure spots and the pain went away. She then sat up and looked up at the board. She then looked down at her speach. She had printed it out. "Do you know when they announce the rest of the student council? I'll need to know..." she asked, sitting up straight. She read the speach over in her head.

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    Anaya realised suddenly that she left the other half of her speach in her dorm. Slowly her eyes go big and her mouth drops. "ACK! I gotta go grab the other part of my speach!" she cries as she puts all of her stuff down on the desk and runs out the door. She clicks down the hallway quickly until she gets to the dorm rooms out side.
    -Going to core class hallway-

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    Anaya came in, glad she found her paper. She sat back down and went over the speach, slowly being distracted by the thought of Edge. She had thought of as cute, and he was funny. She smiles slightly and rested her cheek on her hand. She then stopped, forcing herself out of fantasy. She remembered the dorm rules. No romantic relationships. Besides. He could be her friend and not be a romantic relationship. She sighed and focused again on the speach, whispering to herself, "Welcome to Alota Days High School, where you'll spend a lot of days..."

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    Anaya looked up, hearing a different sound than chalk on the board. She rested her cheek on her hand before looking at Edge. She put her hand down and sat up straight, her cheeks going a light pink. [b]"Oh, hai Edge." she said with a nervous wave. She looked back down, pretending to work on her speach. Stop it, Anaya! You can't like him! she thought to herself bitterly. She put her head down on her arm. "Crap." she whimpered.

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    Anaya jumped when he spoke. She sat straight and and nearly fell out of her chair. She put her leg out and balenced herself before she landed onto the ground. She turned to Edge with wide eyes. "Don't scare me like that!" she said, out of breath like. She sighed and ran a hand through her hair. "And I'm working on my speach that I have to give everyone at sometime today." she put her head back down on her arm. "I'm just trying to figure out how not to sound cheezey." she muttered.

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    Anaya bit her lip and ran her hand through her hair again. "No. No! I didn't mean it like that!." she looked down and felt her cheeks get warmer, her hair hiding her blush. "Actually... I have an idea..." she muttered, smiling. She wrote down some more things on her paper and then looked up, grinning at Edge.

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    Anaya smiled mischieviously. "One you'll find out when I make the speach." she said with a light shrug. She closed her notebook and put her arms over it. She then sighed, her boost of conifidence, now gone. She push a strand of her rusty brown hair from her face and sighed, closing her eyes. "Confidence boost gone... Crap. Don't be surprised if I don't talk for another 5 minutes." she muttered, pressing her hand to her forehead.

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    Anaya looked up, a meek smile on her face. "The speach? At lunch. And its not all that great. Its just a speach." she sighed and pressed 3 fingers to her forehead. "I'm sorry if I seem a little down, its just that I'm easily stressed out. I have a bit of a heart problem that just makes me seem blegh-y." she took a couple more deep breaths and smiled a little better. "As long as they let me skip gym today, I'm good." she stood up and looked at Edge. "Wanna go on that tour now? I need to stop at the nurse's office anyway." she asked.

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    Anaya smiled and turned to the teacher. "Um, I gotta go get my medicine, Mr. Ridford." she said to Mr. Ridford. She turned back to Edge and then waved out the door. She turned and clicked into the hallway, adjusting her council band on her t-shirt sleeve. She had permission to leave class whenever she wanted, only she used the privilage when she needed to. She really needed her medicine today though...
    -Gone to Core Class Hallway-

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    He turned around and noticed a few new students inside his classroom. "Hello class. I'm Mr. Redford. I am your new Social Studies teacher and shall teach you the ins and out of history. You will know it like you know this school...and I hope you know it good or i'm sure you're going to fail this class very easily." He said it as he made a gaze at his students before noticing that one had left on the only free pass that she had had during this period.

    Mr. Ridford would walk around and pass out a class syllabus which was bare at the moment and only had one simple lesson which would be taught the whole time they were in class. The Soviet Bloc which lasted quite awhile due to the fears of Russia. "Now our only lesson you shall be taught is the Soviet Union. And about the Soviet Bloc which was a major cause of the Cold War." He was walking around to a map and started to point to countries to show which ones were part of the Soviet Bloc. "There was many countries which made up the Soviet Bloc including East Germany, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and Czechoslovakia." He would point each one out individually before continuing on with his lesson.

    "Each of these countries were under communist party control in which the Soviet Union used rigged elections and many other methods to get their officials in office. This would lead to many wars and the block off of both sections of Berlin after the Cold War as during it East Berlin was under Soviet lockdown and thus food had to be airlifted in to see that people could survive under the horrible conditions." He was hoping this students were listening or one of them wouldn't get to stay in class much longer.

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    Suddenly a clatter comes from outside in the hallway. Anaya had fainted.

    ((Yay! Cheesey exit. ._.))

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    "Want detention as well? Stay in your seat until the lesson is over with or face a detention." He said it as he continued his lesson. "The airlift was used when the Soviet Union had blockaded East Berlin such as vital routes the Allies took to enter it and help the citizens. This airlift would be vital to the survival of all the citizens withheld and was one of the riskiest efforts to ever hit our country. Had we not done this then most of the citizens in East Germany would be out of food and thus starving to death." He would glance at the boy who asked to leave before asking him a question.

    "Can you tell me why the airlift was vital to East Germany? I hope you were listening and not thinking about a girl." He had to command his students or they wouldn't take class seriously.

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    "Please allow your students to move to another class." the headmaster says over the PA.

    Anaya still was on the floor, still passed out. Her breathing but slow and calm, but she still needed her meds.

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    Anaya's subconcious felt her being lifted up, but it only made her dream more vivid. She was being pulled up by a crane and put onto a converyor belt of some sort. She was being moved rhythmically, as if someone where carrying her. Slowly her mind was pulled out of unconciousness and into reality. Her eyes opened barely, her blood sugar still low. There was someone holding her. She closed her eyes again, the light too bright. She pulled herself closer to the warm thing and sighed. "Where am I?" she thought out loud with a groggy voice.

  19. Characters in this post:
    -The time has changed.
    Time: After School (3:30)
    Temperature: summer breezy-

  20. Characters in this post:
    Tarren quickly walked into the class room. He looked around the class "Well i think im a little early." he mumbled. He went to grab his manga and he started to read.

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