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    Hey there, I was wondering if you are interested in helping Darkness Falls to resurrect? Either to at least allow putting your character in reserve, or maybe keep writing in the RP?
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    hey long time no see
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    hi there how have you been?
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    hi hi how have you been?
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    hey how come I haven't heard from you in so long?
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    I am completely lost on here. Help me find a rp. PLEASE.
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    hiya I've missed talking to you
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    Come join our wonderful Halloween Event!
    >> Click the image below! <<
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    Hey I started a new rp and just wanted to see if you wanted to join X3 feel free to look around and poke me with questions!
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Well, To start off i'm a druid no not

the WoW BS not a fan never will be gives my kind a bad name. I game as a living or atleast part time i'm not sponsored but is it the process of being one so keep hoping for me. Gray Dragon Clan Firefly Watchman.

Also, I am mostly a fighter person I try to hold back on gore with NPC players and real cause A few people I know is very.. squeamish if anything so if you wish for me to go in depth more with fighting post pls massage cause I don't want to post a very... Descriptive fight scene and have someone poop there self
Gaming Video making,Youtube,Minecraft,Baseball,Rping,FireArms,Blades
Video Maker (Non-Profit) Gamer and Marksman.


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    Darkness Falls - Adult
    Knights and barbarians, once bitter enemies, must now band together if they will have any hope of survival in the terrible new world, transformed in the wake of a catastrophic event. In this medieval fantasy/post-apocalyptic RP, you will do what you have to do or die, for there can be no mercy for the weak when darkness falls and horrors rise in the night.
    'It came from the sky, that dead fallen dragon, and from its flesh a plague did rise. It changed us all, that dead fallen dragon, as its body fed a million flies. Now we're strong, but before we didn't have to be. Now night comes and it's time to stand or flee. This, our Divine Malady.' ~ Unknown survivor's poem
    The sword gives way to the gun, technology replaces magic, and after a thousand years since its beginning, Camelot still stands strong... yet dark forces are rising and bad times are on horseback
    A subjectively subjective subjectivity where everything is subjective to subjectivity, subjectively speaking to you, the subject. Don't object, as that is objectively objective in this unobjectivity.
    A private 1x1 between Morpheus and Omlyt about two friends- one with a terrifying secret- placed in a strange Victorian setting.

    Achilles Gunye   (parked in character pool)
    "I may end up with a broken fist, But you'll end up with a broken neck."
    Grayton "Sandman" Colton   (parked in character pool)
    I want answers...NOW.
    John Reduns   (played in Guns of Camelot)
    A Wandering soul lost in a sea of gun fire.
    Makaveli Preatorian   (played in The Art of Assassination)
    Quick a situation we are in.
    Morpheus Vicktor   (parked in character pool)
    The Forgotten prince Of The Vastime Death Plains.
    Voltur Gnash   (played in Divine Malady)
    You will not have my mind
    Voltur Gnash   (played in Darkness Falls)
    You will not have my mind