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Divine Malady

'It came from the sky, that dead fallen dragon, and from its flesh a plague did rise. It changed us all, that dead fallen dragon, as its body fed a million flies. Now we're strong, but before we didn't have to be. Now night comes and it's time to stand or flee. This, our Divine Malady.' ~ Unknown survivor's poem......

Tags: dark fantasy, mutants, post apocalyptic, survival, swords and flintlock

Character Approval: Yes

Player Level: Intermediate

New Players: Open

Creator: enkerzed

Created: 12-25-2014, 05:23 PM


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Since the fall of that damned dead dragon, it's become an annual event for survivors from every camp and settlement to travel to the dragon's corpse to spit and throw things on its skeleton. For all the things that are out of our control like drought and famine, we at least have the dragon to blame for the present state of things. This is also a good opportunity for trading news, goods and people of skill, but only the hardiest of souls are permitted to make the journey for the Fallen are nothing to be trifled with, especially at night which is when they mostly roam the land in search of prey to eat.


1. Thou shalt not control other people's characters without permission.

2. Thou shalt not cause strife.

3. Thou shalt write coherently and intelligibly.

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