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    O hai :3
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    Will try to post today. I forgot to make more characters, but I'll try to get that done.
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    I apologize for the long absence. Many things have come up. I think I will pause for the time being until my schedule settles.
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    Awesome post Kai, I will make mine as soon as I am able.
  5. Of course! I love to RP, but I can't find that same spark like you used too. It's so much fun with your RPCs too, Xav!
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    I can't decide who I like more. Abby or Adrian. Ah, both are just so awesome. Thank you for making such an entertaining roleplay. Haven't had this much fun in ages~!
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    Hey, welcome to WTF! Let me know if I can help you find your way around. ♥
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    Aetheria - Adult
    Heroes close and far! Heed our words and bring your sword for gold! Perhaps you are the one who helps bring the barbarian horde to an end?
    World War 2 has broken out. However... Not like historians would tell you. This reality, the Soviet Union has started the war with invading of Chinese/Japanese held territories. With the aid of German support, as the allies are undergoing war with Italy and it's allies in the west. This is the story of the 282nd Luftwaffe and it's allied towns in the northern territories of Japan.
    In the world of black and white, there are heroes and villains. Usually the cops are the heroes. Well, this world is not black and white. When the hero needs an unseen hand, they call into the Grey. To keep the appearance of a "Job Well Done" when it's never that easy. Sometimes they need to become Closed Cases. Because the world needs a hero.
    "Imagine, gentleman, a prison with no walls, no bars, or guards. Inmates who are too afraid to leave the safety of their cells..." The small Ukrainian town of legend is nothing more but a distant echo in history, written as a dead land, doomed to never be inhabited again - in truth, however, it is a host to abominations born from the Chernobyl disaster, a nest of nightmares and now the home to inmates sent from all over the world. Those who are sent here are the ones who the world no longer wishes to see; erased and forgotten, as long as the contract is paid, the world will never know them again.
    The Homefront - Adult
    The Year 2582. A new frontier had been explored not three years ago, and people flocked to the new colony in search of treasure or action. But this is the other half of the story. The story of the edge of civilized space territory: The Homefront.
    The Isle - Adult
    The early age of Iron was a prosperous time time for all of Europe. Men and women alike lived in new ages of new technology. Then they began to set sail out of Europe. The Isle was one such new land! Though, nobody had sailed there and returned. It became a cursed Isle, where only madmen and hermits go. Nobody knew why they disappeared. But now, the possibility of new riches drive hordes of Europeans to go.
    It was 2582, and Humanity had found another new galaxy to explore. The New Frontier, they called it! A place where anything can go, and the rules are simple: There are none. Anyone was welcome to go, all they had to do was sign up for the new ships leaving for the new colony and they had a new life.

    Abigail Rosland Black   (played in The New Frontier)
    "If you thought I was cool in the flesh, wait till I get dressed up!"
    Adrian Codsworth   (played in The New Frontier)
    "Just another day in a New Hope."
    Anja Annabel Obelschultz   (played in Closed Cases (Adult))
    "The Raven landed upon her breast, and picked at the bleeding heart inside."
    Aurelia Grahm   (played in The Homefront)
    Brisco Kresnov   (played in The Isle)
    "Brisco? What is there to know about the Fin? He's quite, kind of a lanky guy with lots of war tattoos and a missing ear. Just don't get on his bad side."
    Dubozka Silverfang   (played in Aetheria)
    "Silverfang Clan at your service. Steel or silver, I do it all."
    Evvonia Asonov   (played in Pripyat (ADULT CONTENT))
    "The dog sometimes bite back when you give it rabies."
    Hans "Black Death" Muller   (played in Burū Aido debiruzu.)
    "There will never be anything ever made like the Aeroplane... Count on it."
    Kalku Heraen   (played in Aetheria)
    "Looks like you need a cold one, love."
    Major Lazarus Doge   (played in The Homefront)
    "Oh come on..."
    The Narrator   (played in Closed Cases (Adult))
    "Behold! The Narrator has arrived."