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Date of Birth
December 28, 1993 (29)
About Sadrain
Hello and welcome to my profile!

My name in Internet is Sadrain, you can call me Rainy, if you would prefer. I am not really good at these things - I end up ranting -, but I will try to keep it short here about myself and focus on role play related things.

About me as a person.
As I am interested in many things, my interest list didn't let me list them all, but if you would like to know what in greater detail, just chat it up with me! :)

About me as a role player.
~.Language. English is not my native language, I am still learning it, so there might be minor mistakes.

~.Experience. I've been role playing for about 4 years (excluding the periods I did not).

~.Posting. I do paragraph role plays, length varies from few paragraphs to few thousand of words. It depends on my interest and mood, and the other player's reply. I will understand if your post length varies or is not too long, too.

~.Availability. I am still in school, so I might have time to role play more only on weekend, or need to put a pause on game for few weeks. I also live in different timezone than most (about 8 hours ahead), so, we might not be able to get together for posting sprees. I also tend to go on hiatuses and disappear from scene for a while. But I won't mind if you take your time as well.

~.Pace. I tend to take my time with things every now and then and rushing only makes it worse, sorry.

~.Discussion. I like to talk things over both before and during the game, so, a partner who is up for chatting would be preferred. Also, if I or you are losing interest in the game, let's discuss that as well, so it can possibly fixed or we part on civil terms.

~.Various time lines. As I play in so many different settings, most of my characters will have different time lines going on, id they are actively played, so they might develop various relation 'trees', possibly including the romances.

My likes in a RP.
~.(+)Fantasy. Although I play nearly any genre, I prefer fantasy, be it past, medieval, futuristic (tech, future + magic) or any else.

~.(+)Various characters. I often role play more than one character in each role play, I do not mind if you do - in fact, it's interesting.

~.(+)Various settings. Most, if not all, of my characters can be played in various settings, be it nowadays, past or future, although most would require slight magic inclination, even if it is rare and exception.

~.(+)Long term. I prefer long stories over short meetings that don't contribute to the characters or their development, unless the meetings are meaningful and occur more than once.

~.(+)Discovering trough role play. I prefer if not everything about my characters are revealed easily, their pasts are for your character to discover, sometime hinted to the player trough flashbacks for better understanding.

~.(+)/(-)Romance. I like playing romantic relationships, but mostly as a slowly developing add-on to more adventure-like role play, so the romance isn't the main point. I also prefer love-hate relationships the most, or friendship slowly turning into love, not 'love from first sight', unless found useful for the plot and there are twists ahead (such as, it is one-sided for a while).

~.(-)Crippling and heavy injuries. Although I might agree to that with some characters, I will not accept it without previous discussion.

~.(-)Death. I will not kill my characters, unless we see no other way and it is amazing finishing touch to the plot, but I seriously doubt it.

~.(-)Extremely explicit content. I will not role play sexual scenes (if they would occur, for plot and character relationship development, they all would fade to black), excessive cursing or extremely descriptive, gory scenes. Some cursing is accepted and so is the fact there is gore going on, as long as you don't describe it down to every detail.

~.(-)Fandoms. I don't really have any fandom I adore very, very much and know much about.
On a cloud in middle of skies
Writing, reading, role playing, taking photographs, history, psychology, nature and animals & more
Being a distracted dreamer and studying



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