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    hi hi
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    mkay hope you have a merry christmas X3
  3. rawr
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    that's good, so where have you been?
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    how are you?
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    hi hi how are you?
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    well sucks that you're bussy but glad you're okay
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    so how have you been?
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    lol XD I forgot that you lice in australia XD and thanks X3
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    In the town of Reppu stands Daemon academy, lately very strange events have started to occur with students developing powers to fight demons and other Threats. What will happen at Daemon academy?
    A war between two factions. Little do they know Evil has awoken and escaped the chains that held them.
    Strange ruins have been found all over the world and from them strange creatures have started appear.
    What starts as a normal high school day suddenly turns wrong when your field trip goes awry. The adults start dying and the cars start crashing, how you survive is a sheer miracle. The weird kid from school somehow saved you all, but what do you do now? What's going on outside?
    America is losing the war against the spiritual beasts. Her hope lays in the hands of those chosen to wield the monsters from the past - the mecha. Should these select heroes fail, all shall perish.
    S7Nera - Closed
    "The good guys always finish last. And, by then, the world will be gone. Hence, the need for the bad guys who... don't give a shit about the rule book."
    A mysterious warehouse, what you will find no one knows
    Stranded - Adult
    Two people, a man and a woman, are stranded on an island alone and need to adapt to survive. But something is hunting them. SinzXNero rp
    You live in a world where everyone appreciates your abnormalities, or so you thought. They wanted you dead, and you don't know where to run. Finally, you wake up on a mysterious island. You are greeted by a bunch of other kids with somewhat similar abnormalities. Yes they can use powers just like you. After you and the others were cast onto this island, you and the others were referred to as the "Cursed". Now the humans have some kind of a plan to exterminate you and all the "Cursed", but that's not all they want to do.
    The original version has died down, but its time to start anew. Some of the previous cast will be back and new characters will arrive. A sim-date style romance story where a group of five friends(girls) enter High School. As part of an international High School in Japan, they don't know what kind of guy they'll meet. Of course there will be extras to make things move along. . . If you know what I mean.
    WTF RPG.com's very own chaotic Multiverse. Come practice rpging or look for a quick gaming fix.
    The gates to Cross Academy have opened again. The headmaster still has high hopes to get the vampire and humans to co-exist peacefully. Maybe This year's students, will finally prove that.

    Dante Flare   (parked in character pool)
    "You don't look like a machine...mind if I tear you open and find out?"
    Dante Flare   (played in The Island of the Cursed)
    "You don't look like a machine...mind if I tear you open and find out?"
    Edge Elrianos   (played in The WTF Multiverse)
    Mage: Armor Shifter
    Edge Elrianos   (parked in character pool)
    Mage: Armor Shifter
    Jason   (played in S7Nera)
    I want to fight someone strong...
    Kyle Grays   (played in Stranded)
    Kyosuke Yamada - WIP   (played in The New Fujisaki)
    Call me if you need a friend
    Max Darkfist   (parked in character pool)
    A young boy who thinks people should make their own fate.
    Max Helson   (parked in character pool)
    Demons don't like me and I don't like them
    Maxwell Dante   (played in Daemon Academy)
    A mysterious transfer student.
    Polar Bear   (played in predatory ● instincts)
    We can't fight alone...our guns aren't big enough
    Ryan Smith   (played in Daemon Academy)
    "Careful...the Devil is in the Details"
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