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Zenma "Zen" Deani

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Owner: Schizophrenic

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The Knight of Sky

"The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step."

NAME: Zenma Deani
SEX: Male
AGE: Twenty-four

Standing at a tall six feet and two inches, weighing a total of 195 pounds - mainly muscle, to those who don't already know who he is could be intimidated by his presence. He wasn't always this way though, Zen is what you would call a "late bloomer" who was actually very short for his age the majority of his life. Those who didn't know him as a kid and saw a picture from his childhood would assume the boy in the picture was not the man standing before them. Not only was Zenma referred to as "shrimp" he was also referred to as "tubby". These physical imperfections forced him to develop a personality in order to bring friends to him. He certainly wasn't the center of attention but was known for his odd humor and contagious laughter.

As he got older, he began to slim out. His agenda remained not only active, but Zen found himself adapting a lifestyle that embraced the appreciation and nurturing of the mind, body and soul. And with that change in regiment, soon it wasn't only his "bright honey eyes" and humor that were getting compliments. But he would never let that get to his head, mainly because no matter how others saw him, he still saw that goofy, short little meatball in the mirror. But in no way is he an overly muscular man who spends his time weight lifting, he is just healthy.

Anything but average.

For as long as he could remember, Zen was always the kid who'd fall down and get right back up. Behind every obstacle was another reward, so why not seize every trial and tribulation? He wouldn't let anything keep him down and Zen's larger-than-life attitude sometimes rubs people the wrong way. Although he never pays too much attention to those who give him a rough time, nor does he bother to resent them.

Zenma would rather laugh than cry, smile than frown... so it was rare that he would waste his time with petty arguments and grudges. If someone were to show resentment or negativity toward him he would usually counter it with large doses of kindness and over the top smiles. (You'd be surprised how many people who have had issues with him were easily charmed by his overwhelming sense of humor and odd jokes.) He's upbeat, confident in his actions and he knows that if he tries his best the sky is the limit!

What wakes him up in time to watch the sun rise every morning?

What makes him push himself to seize every opportunity and be a stronger and better person?

A passion for life. A passion to live it. A passion to love it.

Equipment / Abilities

  • Zen carries a battle staff. It is made from sturdy ivory oak and tipped with hardened metal. The staff reaches him in height and has helped him through many battles.


  • When needs come to it at the staff is not up to speed, he keeps a set of rough crafted metal dusters, spiked. The tips have grown slightly dull from training but he has never bothered to sharpen them. Either way, his heightened skill in hand to hand combat ensure that they will provide the extra trauma his bare fists may not deliver.

Zen isn't focused on landing hits, just on the amount of punches he gets out - many of his hits are unfortunately not that strong and not overly accurate.


  • Due to his passion for aligning his body, mind and soul it is easy for Zen's force to awaken at times of balance. Like most, his force comes during times of focus but in order for Zen to obtain optimum focus he needs to be in a state of tranquility. 
  • He has trouble channeling his power with a cluttered mind or if too much is going on at one time.


  • Zen has the ability to summon the seven sacred spirits by making pacts with them, in turn "borrowing" their abilities.



  • So far, he has only made one pact, this pact being with the great earth spirit. Their bond is still fresh, and has been more than a challenge for Zen to build on. Perhaps it is because the earth element is the hardest for him to grasp.
  • Due to his low level bond with The Griffin, his abilities are weak but capable.

“Kid, you’ve got your head in the clouds.”

It wasn’t just a metaphor for Zenma, it was reality. Growing up in The Country of the Sky your eyes were always on the sky. You either held resentment for those who gallivanted amongst the Upper Halls freely, or you wished to live such a lifestyle, pining in a dream like daze. Zen held no resentment for those who lived a wealthier life than he, for even at a young age he knew things like that weren’t everything. But most of all, that there was no use in wasting time thinking about the things you didn’t have.

Instead, he took the path of always acting. He kept busy, enjoying each and every day to it’s fullest. As a youngster, his life wasn’t very structured… his family never forced anything upon him, so therefore he didn’t force anything upon himself. He went where he pleased and did what he pleased.

It wasn’t until he was a bit older that he realized that all this time he had been wasting. Sure, he was happy, but what was he aiming for? Nothing really… so then the time came where he began studying the power of the individual. Channeling the powers of the mind into strength for your body and soul.

Mostly everyone local knew who he was, he was odd… always made people laugh. He was kind and offered to help anyone who needed it, he never whined or was seen sulking about. It was rare you saw him standing still, he was always doing something… and even if you did happen to see him sitting down, he was usually meditating - something he did on a daily basis.

Not too long before his twenty-third birthday he had come to pay more attention to his inner abilities. Heightened senses, as if he could hear things that most people… couldn’t. He spoke of his idea to no one, so when he had vanished from home for quite some time, everyone was more than perplexed.

But when he arrived back home with news of his accomplishment, his friends and family were more than happy for him. But much to his dismay, the grief he faced during his barely successful attempt to bond with The Griffin was only the beginning of his difficult trials…