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Roleplay: (Character Pool)

Owner: Xavirne

Rating: (any)   Genre: (any)  

Pride always comes before a fall... <3


NAME:  Pride
>>  Records indicate that the actual name of this character is Hal Pride.

>>  According to the information on file, Pride is female.

AGE:  Young 'n wild
>>  This is an irrelevant question.

CLOTHING:  For the rich and the famous
>>  Pride, if anything, can be on either side of the scale.  She's either wearing a lot or not wearing enough.  It really depends on her mood.

HAIR:  Vibrant red
>>  Her answer is correct.  Please do not doubt her words.

EYES:  Depends on my mood
>>  Pride's eyes change color depending on her mood.  Being the entity of pride, she is a make up all all things sinister so it is expected that her eyes reflect her nature.  When feeling wrathful, she sports red eyes.  They are green with envy when she's jealous or irked.  Pink with passion.  Yellow with the golden greed.  Blue with disinterest and laziness.  Orange with hunger.  Purple with pride.  More often than not, she has purple eyes.

HEIGHT:  Around five foot seven inches
>>  Truth.

BODY TYPE:  Skinny little bean pole with guns
>>  Model skinny but with handy-man strength; she's a killer combo with heels and curves.  She's got manly shoulders, though.

OTHER:  Tattoos and piercings... everywhere
>>  She has a tattoo of the number one (written out) as a tramp stamp.

When Pride was given the opportunity to fill out this section on her own, she ended up writing the following.

PRIDE'S COMMENTS ON HERSELF:  Awesome, need I say any more.  Oh, wait, one last thing.  I'm always right and you're always wrong.  That is all.  <3

It was determined that the information provided was not sufficient enough, hence the inclusion of the next few sections.

STUCK ON HERSELF:  This statement cannot be farther from the truth.  She's intolerant of people that are different from her and comes off downright rude and arrogant.  Notice how she's always talking about herself?  If you don't want to offend the princess, you might want to keep the conversation on her.  She is, in her mind, the center of the universe.

>>  Don't be fooled by her.  Most people link smugness with a lack of life experience.  Pride's been around a while and she's learned all she can learn (or so she claims).  Rather than seeking to learn more by asking questions, she simply expects others to give her a new wealth of knowledge that she will refuse to listen to.  In other words, she's got a very general view of life and tends to keep it that way.  The big picture, if it's not about her, she doesn't care.

GOOD LOOKS IS A MUST:  Have you ever noticed that extremely good-looking people tend to be the snobbish ones?  This is true in Pride's case.  Despite her genderless appeal, the lass is very stunning.  If you look at her with the wrong face, expect lightning to shoot you down.  All eyes must marvel over her beauty and might.

>>  Don't question her.  Period.  When it comes to looks, intelligence, athletic abilities, and anything else that related to her image, she's always right and always on top.  It's just a way of life.

AMBIGUITY IS NOT COOL:  Anything that suggestions impression is a bad thing, in her eyes.  The only thing is, when you look at Pride, you can't tell she's a woman at first glance.  No one knows why she keeps her figure hidden but, apparently, she enjoys making people squirm under the pressure of not knowing.

>>  Pride believes that everything happens for a reason.  And, to make things worse, she seeks to control that reason.  She demands to be in charge of everything and will go out of her way to prove she's on top.

FRIENDSHIP, WHAT'S THAT:  When you spend your entire life thinking and talking about yourself, people tend to get sick of you.  Such is the case of Pride.  She's self-sufficient and very independent.  Helping someone… is not her forte.  She would rather do something alone that with a team.  To her, there is an I in team.

>>  Sometimes Pride can't understand why she has a lack of friends.  In her mind, who wouldn't want to be friends with her.  She is the epitome of awesome.

IT'S HER WAY OR THE HIGHWAY:  This is simply a protective mechanism that she puts forth to keep herself from getting hurt.  She lives and reams in a fantasy land so that she will never find herself crying or broken again.

>>  She has a false charm to her.  She's the kind of girl that can draw people in and then, once they discover who she is, they can go crawling away.  However, most tend to stay.  Why?  She's rich, beautiful, and fun.  She's your one-way ticket to a good time.

CRUEL IS WHO SHE IS:  Brash, harsh and downright nasty, that's the way of Pride.  Anyone she takes bad about is someone she sees as a threat.  The more she talks hate, the more dangerous that person is.  Too bad she's the First Deadly Sin so, for her, this threat isn't much of a threat.  

>>  She know she's the top dog and just likes to berate people because she can.  But, please, piss her off.  You will make her day.

THE TRUTH OF IT ALL:  She's really just a lonely girl looking to find her place in life.  She's got a lot to fear and is extremely vulnerable.  

>>  If you look hard, perhaps you'll find a softer side.  Psh, yeah right.  Keep dreaming.

Equipment / Abilities

  She's got an affinity to storms - lightning, rain, wind, and hail. Her non-supernatural powers would include the ability to charm people. She's got something about her that draws people to her. It's probably why she's so goddamn famous. She likes to call it her "Eye Candy Aura."

ABILITIES:  Her voice is actually quite beautiful. She can also play guitar and the keyboard (drum, too). Although she might not be the fastest, she is the very flexible and takes great pride in her ninja-like skills. Pride's also quite graceful with her weapons and really enjoys writing and roleplaying in her spare time. And shopping. She's really good at shopping.

WEAPONS:  Guan Dao [x], Revolver [x], Sword (x2) [x], and Throwing Stars [x]

THE HISTORY:  Whatcha wanna know this for?  I've been around for forever and I'm still young and beautiful.  Upon coming to Earth, I took up singing and, just like that, I was famous.  Oh.  Yeah.  Name of band.  It's PRIDEFUL BITCHES.  I have these two little human girls that eat of my hands.  They play the instruments while I do all the damage to my vocal cords.  We're pretty famous.  Ya wanna autograph?  <3

It's all fun and games until you bring out my dark side.
Sounds Like:  Carly Smithson of We Are The Fallen [x]