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Alyssa Violen

Roleplay: (Character Pool)

Owner: MarineViolet

Rating: General   Genre: (any)  

"Fondest, dearest to me..."

A 25 year-old woman, Alyssa is a brunette, her dark brown hair contrasting nicely with her pale skin. Blue eyes and hair that reaches her shoulder. Often wears her favorite blue dress with a white collar, black Mary Jane's. She has a crescent moon tattoo on both of her wrists, the inside.

Alyssa is a nice, peaceful girl. Popular, smart, and quiet, it seems like Alyssa's got it all. She's not arrogant, she's not rude, she understand everything you're going through. 'Mary-Sue' is the impression most people get from her. Occasionally, yes, she is just that. 

Other times, her motherly tendencies and clumsiness often puts her into situations that aren't exactly super-awesome. She's a bit of a perfectionist, very protective of those close to her, and too trusting. Yeah, that's pretty much it. 

Oh, want to know a secret?
She's nice because she's insecure, selfish, and depressed.

Equipment / Abilities
Not athletic at all. In any way.
Has the ability to calm anyone down.
Is a soothing presence.
Very good singer.
Has a way with words.
Very good at keeping secrets.

When the moon is out, she becomes something else. It changes, she never changes into the same thing twice in a row. She also can't control what she changes into. Cue shenanigans.

Alyssa has a pretty simple past. Oldest daughter of the household, she grew up with 2 sisters, and both parents. Her sisters are twins, identical twins, both 5 years younger than her. Ever since the two were born, the spotlight, the affection, the love was all focused on them. Alyssa, being the girl she was, didn't think much of this and continued to be the perfect, if ignored, little angel she played so perfectly. 

Of course, when she turned 10, something changed. Something not quite so nice. Her parents got a divorce, after an awful fight. A fight Alyssa witnessed the night of her birthday, woken by yelling. Details aren't necessary, but can be summed up as her father being angry that her mother paid more attention to the twins than to her. Her mother denied all accusations, saying that she was giving the small children attention because they demanded it, throwing tantrums constantly, breaking things, hitting each other, so on and so forth.

Of course, her father called her out, calling her names Alyssa tries not to think about. Well, long story short, the next day, her father signed the divorce papers, and took Alyssa with him to his new home. She grew to learn how to live without her sisters, with affection, praise, and love constantly being showered upon her. You can imagine what happened after this abrupt change from ignored to center of the world. Alyssa grew dependent on love and praise. It was like a drug to her, except better: No side effects, and it made her feel better. She grew a hunger for it, spending hours, days, learning what were the best ways to make friends, becoming a teacher's pet, pleasing everyone around her as best as she could.

The problem was, it was never enough. She needed more. Her friends didn't praise her enough. her father spent too much time at work. And most of all, her sisters and mother hated her. Alyssa fought to replace that aching hole full of pain and guilt with happiness and acceptance. It's been 15 years.

And she's still trying to fill that hole.

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