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Suzu Hellfire

Roleplay: (Character Pool)

Owner: OpheliaSmiles

Rating: (any)   Genre: (any)  

A shy demonic girl, who wishes to make as many friends as she can, will you be her ally, or her enemy?

Name: Suzu Hellfire

Age: 8

Sex: Female

Species: Demon

Hair color: Dark brown, goes down to her lower back

Eye color: crinson red with a hint of yellow around the pupil 

Suzu has jet black wings that come out of her back whenever she is sad/angry

Suzu is a shy little demon, she barely uses/knows how to use her powers. Unlike most demons she is kind and friendly, but she doesnt talk much at all unless she absolutely has to. She is also very fond of her older brother

Equipment / Abilities
all that suzu si aware that she can do is talk to people through her mind, and heal with her saliva(and or blood)

Suzu can also teleport, change eye color and mirror other people's powers. (she does not discover any of these at first)

Suzu was born into a family of pure demons (no cross-breeds, which was hard to come across). All of her family members were boys, her mother died giving birth to her. Suzu was the last child ever born into the family of 7. Her brothers loved and adored her from the moment she was born, and since they had no clue how to raise a girl, she grew up thinking/acting like or how a boy would. (although she does wear a dress)

Suzu adores her 5th eldest brother, as she should. Her and her brother are an arranged couple (meaning she was betrothed to him the moment she was born) As it is common in the demon families for siblings to marry, mainly to keep the pureblood line.

suzu always carries around a stuffed teddy-bear she calls fifer.