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Mary Post

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Dhamphyr + Science, Herbology and Potions, and Foreign Language Teacher + Head of Alchemists House


Nickname: Mary
Species: Dhamphyr
House: She is the head of the Alchemists

Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Age: Unknown
Year Level: N/A - Science, Herbology and Potions, and Foreign Language Teacher

Height: Five foot, nine inches
Weight: one hundred and eight pounds
Eye Color: Brown Red
Hair Color: Brown

Mary build is very slender. Neither strong, or bony. Although for her height, Mary is very light. This is due to her eating habits. Mary does not typically eat enough food to fill a normal human being. Nor does she drink enough blood to fill a normal vampire. She has always been this way. Sometimes will not even eat a thing for an entire day. This could trace all the way back to her time in jail, when Mary would give all her food to her Son... but it is just simply how the woman is. Due to the recent invention of the hair iron, Mary now tends to wear her hair straight over the curly mess it normally would be. Her eyes are the only way one would be able to tell her race. When hungry, deeply angry, or in the middle of a fight (which rarely happens), her pupils turn a bright red. Just her pupils, not the iris. This is something she has been able to control. In the past her entire eye would change to the eerie color.

Personality: Mary is well known to be fair. She expects much from her students, even overloading with work, but gives them a very good time span to do it all. Knowing she is not the only teacher they have. Her personality when in the classroom follows that of a typical teacher, since she has been teaching threw most of her life. Weather it be students, or apprentices. When outside of the classroom Mary does not change much. Sharing the occasional joke here and there. She is modest from the time period she grew up in, everything is covered, yet her silhouette is enhanced. Her emotions run the coarse of a humans. Making her very hard to predict at times. Although she does try to be as logical as possible.

Equipment / Abilities
Abilities: Being a dhamphyr, Mary has the strength and stamina of a human, and the heightened senses and better reflexes from vampires. Although to gain access to her vampiric abilities, Mary must feed. Which sadly she does not do as much as she should. Another reason Mary has not eaten is simply because she does not embrace what she is. Wishing to be fully human. Which is why she tends to make human students sit in the back of her classroom, no matter what their height is. The reason she has lost a ton of her weight. Not to mention her knowledge of transmutation and Alchemy. She has learned to create objects from seemly thin air. When she engulfs herself in work, she will not stop until an outside force makes her.
Weaknesses: No reflection, not feeding over the coarse of a month, Holy water
Weapon(s) of choice: Her gloves. Stitched into the fabric is a circle which she uses to transmute objects from thin air. But Mary is more of a medicine worker. Preferring to work in the background or on the sidelines. However this does not mean she is useless. Mary will enhance her body with her potions. Making herself stronger, faster, and even able to use her alchemy faster. This is a sure fire way for Mary to practically poison herself.

History: Mary grew up while the age of Alchemy was in the forefront of technology. She became an apprentice to particular alchemist named Edward Kelley, who had been a protegee of John Dee in England. At a young age, her talent was admired, but never mentioned to the public. Kelley at the time had a second apprentice, who was a boy. Since he was a boy he received most of the public's credit. Kelley grew old fast though, soon leaving things to his two apprentices. Mary experimented night and day with one goal in mind, she did not want to grow old. Her specialty was the art of Medicine. One night her endless hours came to light. Mary was entering her forties when she created a panacea.. But not just any medicine, the elixir of life. She drank from it, instantly seeing the years come off of her face. The other apprentice, by the name of John came running up the stairs to the lab after hearing her scream, shocked at the beauty standing in the room. Without hesitation he drank.. the panacea stopped his heart and killed him.

Mary left a few years later when the Roman Catholic church began making thousands of laws on the practice. Mary left for the new free country of America, which at the time did not have it's name. Settling down in the forest of Massachusetts. She was left alone for a couple of years, until the Salem Witch trials came threw. Mary remembers the night she was gathered up and brought to trail. For knowing how to read, or something stupid like that. Either way, Mary was found guilty and pardoned. It was there she met Jaden. He was known as a doctor at the time. Mary spoke with him quiet a few times during her jail time. Even exchanging much more than the nearly innocent man had encountered. Together they even adopted a child who's parents were killed in the trials. The boy's name was Johnathan. They were in prison, in cells across from each other. Each day Mary would give him her food, and tell him books she remembered off the top of her head. Mary told Jaden of the boy, and he adopted him. Putting her name down as the boy's mother. It was daring of Jaden to do. Since for one, Mary was in prison still, and they were not married. How Jaden was able to convince those men, Mary to this day has yet to understand.

Jaden and Johnathan came to visit her each and every day. Mary noticed something different in the boy. Being only 8, the boy did not understand in prison his parents were dead, and when told he grew quite depressed. Sadly, Johnathan hid it.. There was nothing neither Jaden or Mary could do. Johnathan just seemed to give up, and he ended up passing away from an unknown illness. Jaden told Mary this illness was a broken heart. Either way, the boy's sudden death haunted Mary. She grew very depressed, and everything seemed to go downhill at once. She was finally sent to a trial, where they used Johnathan's recent death against her. Saying Mary had poisoned the boy, or cursed him. She was found guilty and sentenced to death. Mary thought it was all over, when suddenly Jaden came to her cell with a guard. The guard told her was she freed. Jaden never quiet told her how he was able to free her, but at the same time, she might not wish to know...

The kiss of those sun rays were probably the second sweetest thing she had ever felt (The first being Jaden later that night). The two started to practically live together. Jaden did not stay every night, for he had a home too. Mary went back to teaching just a few years later at a forbidden school in the area. One that catered to the supernatural. This of coarse was Occultia Academy. It was a mere couple years later when the couple were expecting their first child. which was quiet odd.. Jaden being a student and all... Mary was only two months along when one of the students from the Magic dorm started to study the Dark Arts. The poor child summoned a pride demon in the dinning hall. He merely wanted to get back at his math teacher for failing him, but played an important role in killing one third of the students. The teachers were forced to fight against the monster. Not including passive Mary.  Instead she helped get the students out, but she was struck in just the right way, it killed their child on impact.  The school was shut down for the remaining of the year.

The couple split up soon after the incident. This all took place more than three-hundred years ago....

Unlike most of her counterparts, Mary hates travel. Something about her last experience.. you know three months on a boat.. Did that to her. So during the summers she does move to her home uptown, where Mary owns a old home. Although thanks to the civilization expanding, she has been going threw some legal things with the state. Since Mary is supposed to be dead after all. They believe they own her home. This is the first time Mary has had these problems. Although last time it was the historical society claiming the rights to her home. She has recently moved into a row-house uptown.

I may also note, if anyone ever finds one of her journals, they are not notes as she tells others. They are in fact her inner thoughts. And in all honesty, She has not completely moved on from Johnathan. Mary may be considered an Alchemy genius, but because of her photographic memory, Mary remembers every detail of her life. Even if she may play dumb around others.

Likes: Science, tea, fire, Night time, human Blood, especially Virgins.. Loud music, dancing, singing, flowers
Dislikes: Feeding, failing students, Experiments gone horribly wrong.
Theme Song: Elton John- Your Song
I Sound Like This When Singing: Ellie Goulding

Gets Your Heart Racing: Not really looking for a committed relationship, but even Mary has her needs.
Favorite Subject: Science, and languages obviously
Unfavorite Subject: Art surprisingly. But then again Mary would rather make something to help people than just something that sat on a wall. She does own a few pieces, but hates making them on her own.
Other: Mary dresses herself in many browns, creams and golds. Following the idea of an inventor and steam punk. She also has a photographic memory.