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Afon Tupolev

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Owner: Hresvelgr

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Superhuman + Sixth Year + Head of Class

Full Name:  Afon Tupolev

Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation:
Year Level:

Six feet one inch
one hundred and forty pounds
Eye Color:
Bright Green
Hair Color:
Platinum Blond

Personality: Afon is simply one of the guys. His manner is that of collected, calm, studious, and a perfect gentleman. He upraising taught him to really talk to woman, and in fact if you were just meeting Afon for the first time, you would not believe he enjoys the company from the same sex. Sadly though because he is not completely out in the open about it, there are many girls who have hinted they had crushes on him. Only to learn the truth in a heartbreaking display.

Equipment / Abilities
Abilities:  Afon's ability is completely passive. His body regenerates at a very quick rate, and that is all he can do. Any harm done to his body, will heal perfect within a matter of minutes.
Of coarse it does means he feels the pain, and he has no other abilities besides regeneration.
Weapon(s) of choice:
He is very good with a sword, and has taken martial arts training as a child.

History: Afon is as russian as any student can get. He was born and raised by his mother and grandmother. His father served the military and therefore was rarely home. Afon growing up was introduced to several sports. His favorites being fencing and the Russian Martial art known as
Systema. Two of which he puts to use today. Afon first discovered his unusual power when climbing a rope in gym class. He was nearly to the top when he fell, missing the mats below and falling right on his back. He should have broken a rib or two, but instead got up completely fine. There was a bit of blood on the floor which alarmed the gym teacher. Turns out he inherited his power from his grandfather who was a member of the soviet special forces. His grandfather's body was taken by the government when he passed and all records destroyed. It was the Russian Government who wanted Afon to be transferred to Occultia Academy. For he could possibly inherit his grandfather's full powers. Those of which they wont tell him. It has been six years now in the school. And regeneration is the only thing still to this day.

Likes: men, working out, hanging out with friends
drama, homophobes
Theme Song:
Daft Punk - Derezzed
I Sound Like This When Singing:
Seether - Country Song

Gets Your Heart Racing: 
A beautiful American boy
Favorite Subject: 
Technology and gym
Unfavorite Subject: 
History and Math
Afon loves school dances.