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Quinn Evers

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Owner: Hresvelgr

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Lovible Third Year Fairy


Full Name:
Quinn Evers

Nickname: Quinn
Species: Fairy
House: Magicians

Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Hetrosexual
Age: 18
Year Level: Third Year

Height: Four feet, three inches
Weight: fifty seven
Eye Color: hazel
Hair Color: Blonde

Personality: Quinn is a gentle soul. Most would believe it is impossible to even upset the Fairy. No matter what he always has a bright smile on his face. That being said when it comes to school work, Quinn is a bit of a slacker. He is okay with getting straight C's from all of his classes. He also does not hesitate to compliment people. Especially girls. He even will random give girls flowers, just to see them smile. Quinn is the type you can never truly be angry with either. Well, if you are.. then well.. there must be something wrong with you. Needless to say, Quinn can be quiet the party animal. Fake ID and everything.

Equipment / Abilities
Abilities: Quinn is elemental. He has the power to tap into all of the elements. Using them at will to help his clan. Nature being his strong point. Quinn can bring a plant back from the dead and make it go fruit as big as your head.
Weaknesses: Seeing people cry, Math, Science, history, and being given too much to do.
Weapon(s) of choice: Honestly, his wand is very unnatural to him. Seeing as how Quinn is used to working with magic with his bare hands. His wand of choice though is a simple branch from outside.

History: Quinn came to the school at the age of sixteen. Sent by his parents simply to help hone his powers. His parents are the leaders of his small clan, making Quinn their oldest son and heir to their throne. But first he must learn everything in order to control his powers. Since lighting a hut on fire was not his glory moment. Neither was the horrible rainstorm.. or teaching baby birds how to fly too early... Compared to his people, Quinn is rather tall. Much like a six foot human is to everyone. But here in the school he is probably one of the shortest there. His first interview was rather awkward. Seeing as how fairies do not typically wear clothing... Or at least a child of his age. His wings are always out, and are something others need to be weary of since they tear easily.

Likes: Parties, singing, dancing, his friends, gym class, smiling, girls, sweets
Dislikes: when his wings rip, getting hurt in general.
Theme Song: Katy Perry-Last Friday Night
I Sound Like This When Singing: Clicky!

Gets Your Heart Racing: Cute, short, humble, sweet, joking, not to mention cute. Why am I being asked this in a school profile? Creepy Administration..
Favorite Subject: Art Class
Unfavorite Subject: History and Science. The teachers scare him..
Other: Quinn is known for his random hugs and fun-loving introductions.