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Jackson Storm

Roleplay: (Character Pool)

Owner: Xavirne

Rating: (any)   Genre: Fantasy, Supernatural, Horror, Science Fiction, Futuristic, Modern  

The fun things in life aren't easy

AGE  Twenty-six
JOB  Stunt double (actor)

When Googling his name and title, Jackson Storm the Stunt Double, you'll probably find hits linking to IMDB and Wikipedia (you'll also discover a Tumblr that reveals his real name is Anthony "Tony" D. Nelson). Needless to say, this handsome man has a body type that fits some of the best of Hollywood. Daniel Craig, Christian Bale, Jake Gyllenhaal, Garrett Hedlund -- to name a few, are just some of the many actors Storm has needed to mirror. Losing weight or bulking up is pretty easy for the guy. Ever since he was young, Storm was into acting and stage performances. If there was a part he wanted, he would adjust his looks (hair, build, stance, swagger, voice, the way his smile tugged at his lips, etc.) to fit the bill. Knowing that, it's not hard to understand why Storm sometimes suffers from identity crisis. Sometimes he gets so wrapped up in a role or story that he forgets who he really is -- but did he ever really known who he was?

That's really part of the magic with Storm. He's just like a storm, constantly changing and always ready to dish out unexpected surprises. So why be a stunt double when he could have been an actor? Well, there's the real question. Storm hates that kind of attention and flattery. He doesn't want to be famous. He doesn't want to drive fancy cars (and yet he has an Audi R8) and have his name in uppercase letters at the bottom of some poster. 

"Actors look pretty. Stunt doubles do pretty things" - J. Storm (quote pulled from Wikipedia)

Hard to believe, huh? Well, Storm does what he does because he loves the thrill of it all and enjoys every second of it. Whether it's zipping down a road at 200 mph or falling out of a collapsing building, Storm rises to the challenge. He loves running through fire and clashing swords with other masked actors. It's the danger that really gets him. If he slips up, he knows he might land himself in a hospital... or a morgue. Knowing that just makes the stakes that much higher and the reward of success that much sweeter.

So what else is there to Storm? Well, like every man, he has his flaws. He comes across a bit conceited and often times wears clothing that shows off his well-toned body a little too well (it makes people assume he's cocky). The male is also super competitive and thinks of most things as a challenge. He's also all over the personality spectrum. Many blame it on the fact that he's been so many different people in his life so it only makes sense that he fluctuates between roles. (To date, no doctor has ever diagnosed him with any condition but they have warned him to lay off on some of his stunts due to some nasty bruises, breaks, and concussions in the past.)

Underneath it all, Storm is a flamboyant, thrill-loving, daredevil who doesn't want his name in lights. He likes his face being off camera and, to this day, it has been in all major Hollywood productions (his hair, body parts, or a mask always hide his face). He's a bit of a diva but he has... had a right to flaunt his talents. He was good at what he did and everyone loved working him.

Equipment / Abilities
Much like a Saboteur in the Final Fantasy XIII series (Storm was a gamer when not performing before a green screen or practicing his latest moves), Storm has the unique ability to inflict targets with status ailments such a poison, slow, blindness, confusion, etc. The "Jammer" does have his limits though. In order for Storm to use his abilities, he must have full health, making him a bit of a pain to any team. The chance of success for inflictions is also dependent on his level (skill) and the strength of the target (HP and STA). More often than not, Storm's spells are influenced by the attacks of his team. If the team is dealing damage, Storm's chances of a successful cast are usually above 50%. Additionally, at the start of each battle, Storm as a 0% chance of landing any status ailments.