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Purpulea “Lea” “Demon” Black

Roleplay: (Character Pool)

Owner: Kriemedean

Rating: (any)   Genre: (any)  

“The civility of the English is only matched by the ruthlessness of their policies.”


Age: 14 (unless RP requires further down, in which more history and abilities will be added)

Height: 5’8”

Occupation: Merchant and Gold-Digger

Body Type: Gently Curved Pear-Shape, Slightly Muscular, Narrow and Slender

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual, but humors women for gain

Skin Color: Brown

Eye Color: Fuchsia, the shadows and tints shift

Hair Color: Blackish Purple

Hair Style: Short, Thick, Curly, though she does let it grow out

Other: When not in use, her batwings remain inside and rip through the skin.  If worked up, she displays her manticore’s characteristics, a mixture the Lesser Kudu, the African Lion, an English Dragon and Heterometrus spinifer.  Her pointed ears are pierced twice (shell and lobe), and her canines are hypodermically sharp, which will later produce Blood Wine when wanting something and venom when not.  [I couldn’t find a picture, but you can get a general idea from searching each creature and the manticore itself.]


Pessimistic, paranoid, emotionally stunted, socially adept, explosively angry and blasé, Purpulea’s main goal in life is to rise in power and wealth, and run things like she thinks they should go.  Admittedly, she is not sure what that is yet.  Her feelings for Algs tend toward childish possessiveness, but there is a familial instinct and she hates his aging.  She is self-conscious and, despite pearly white teeth, she still hides them.

Equipment / Abilities

Two guns, blades, concoctions, a medallion, a crystal and an opal

Her vigilance is matched by great stamina, smarts and senses, but she prefers civil confrontations.  Her senses hint to how to approach others, and instincts guide horns, when out, and a poisonous, needled tail.  Her strength increases when exposed to the ultraviolet light.  As an elf, she has an affinity to magic, but not quite grasping of it other than the ability to make her skin shine or glow.  She can shoot and knife-fight.  Poisons and alcohols are a passion.


A dark elf raped a half-English, half-Indian maid and she eventually abandoned her spawn in the cave where it happened.  To the woman’s horror, the child returned and she begrudgingly raised it until its third year, before again rejecting her daughter, whose only name was “Demon”.  The child fended for itself and returned every year to see if Mother had changed her mind, but eventually Demon found her way onto Captain Black’s ship, who took the kid under his wing.  He named her Purpulea after the purplish coloring of her features and himself.  Eventually, a year passed and Purpulea again came to her cabin home, finding her mother dead.

She scrounged about London aimlessly until she came in need of medicine for the very disease of her namesake.  Her teeth turned brown and fluoresced, and her skin reacted to light at best with itching and swelling, at worst blisters and necrosis.  Her hair increased, causing people to think werewolf when originally they thought vampire.  At times she felt numbness and others gut-wrenching ghost-pains.  Weak muscles and seizures provided more problems, rectified only by remedial mallihuan and hot baths.  While solving those, the same mental disturbances that tormented her mother manifested, ranging from hallucinations, depression, anxiety and paranoia.  After accidentally biting another servant, her employer fired her and she found other opportunities.

Now selling herself, her episodes allowed others to take advantages, but it was one of those incidents that attracted her only friend to rescue her: Algsanero, or Algs.  He saved her from a psychopath during one of her episodes and hung around, though she treats him more like a slave than a guardian.  He brought knowledge of chemistry and some higher learning to help with her disease, including making meals containing a bean-milk, blood pudding, carbohydrates and special brownies.  Heart problems and disturbing changes in waste ultimately sent them onto more drastic cures.  A magician came forward, offering to change her into a manticore, a fay-like therianthrope, with a medallion he crafted, with the one condition being a monthly change, during which she hid in his dungeon.

With those issues fixed, they turned toward making a profit, a life.  He took mediocre jobs to support her pursuits while she became a merchant’s wife, who used her appearance and labor to advance his business as well.  While he never trained her outright as promised, she acquired pieces in her own trades: two shooters and knives.  After some time, she killed him and sold much of the things in the late Aristocrat’s house.  Algs cautioned her eagerness to part with her husband’s belongings, but happily took a job as her assistant, even if she was not shy about punishments.  On her eleventh birthday, when she couldn’t sail home, Algs surprised her with an opal, the very color of her irises.

During the next year, she grew up to five-foot eight and evolved in looks to that of someone in their teens, bypassing half a decade of changes that had already taken place mentally.  With her new appearance clients more readily entertained her business and promotions, passing herself off as a more experienced businessman.  She attends social events, schooling to read (Algs continued in more scientific fields.) and her own philanthropies, specifically those that educated and occasionally relocated individuals into her house.  She is intrigued by learning, especially theology, a deity a concept she never really learned.  She continues to visit home and searches for the location of a crystal she has had since birth.  She believes that her father gave it to her and wants to resolve some things.


Algs is a brunet with brown eyes and is as unintimidating as Purpulea is striking.  She knows nothing of his history and has not ever thought about it, showing either how much she trusts him or how much he can slide by someone’s radar.  He acts as an informant at times, but prefers to avoid interaction with the higher-ups or drama.  He is scared of Purpulea, but also pitying and might have a guilt-complex about something.  Otherwise, they lead very happy lives and he carries out errands that might alter Purpulea’s repute amongst society.  He has been known to do things for Purpulea’s benefit against her will, a thankless and risky venture.  He has noticed that she likes light men.

Purpulea’s Race:

Mixed: Dark and Light Hamitic/Light Semetic/Dark Japhetic

Halfling Dark Elf with unknown connection to the undead things/Medallion for Manticore therianthropy

Algs’s Race:

Light Semetic, English


She cannot fully change back to a human form or her disease will grab hold, possibly killing her, but the longer she keeps a feature the harder it is to hide, so it’s something that could easily give her away.  Her strength is not that of other therianthropes thanks to her disease and she rarely fights anymore, so her skills are lacking.  Her teeth and bones glow when under ultraviolet light.  While that light does give her strength as a manticore, she still suffers from side-effects.  She continues to have shadows of previous mental issues and she also has to deal with manticore instincts.  She has a habit of shaking her skin when she finds something uncomfortable.  She can’t swim.