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Allochka Sasha Vetochkin

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Oh don't you worry. I bite.


•  Allochka Sasha Vetochkin  •

The name's Allochka, but most people call me Sasha. It's either that, or some strange ass nickname like 'Ka Ka,' or, 'Al.' Are they begging for a beating, or what? It's just downright idiotic to even think of calling me something as childish as 'Ka ka.' Bottom line is, you can call me anything, s'long as it's not moronic.

If you ask me to describe myself, its no big deal. I'll give it to you straight; I'm 5'8, an A cup, weigh a nice 125lbs that's mostly muscle, and petite in body type. My hair is a honey brown color, and my eyes...well I can't say much for them. They're much too strange of a color to even be considered normal. I wear an eye patch over one of 'em, my left one, I believe. Curious about it? Then go stalk me or something, I'm not in the mood to tell about it. In fact, I'm never in the mood to tell about this particular thing. Tip to stay out of the hospital: Never ask about the eye patch. Got it? Good.

The clothes I wear? Anything that fits that I can move around it. What does that mean? Jeans, ripped jeans, leggings, jeggings, graphic tees, and sweatshirts all fit the standards I have, though I do love my red sports jacket and black cat eared baseball cap. Gives me some character, y'know?

I'm Russian, though my English s'okay sounding, I guess. There's nothin' really wrong with it, though I do speak in a rougher tone than I do when I'm speaking my first language. I dunno, for some reason, this manner of speech comes naturally to me, makes me feel strong and all that crap.

Anything else about me you need to know?
Oh right.
My age.
Huh, I forgot that one, didn't I?

I'm eighteen, born December 27th, as the snow stopped falling. There ya go.

• • •

•  The Bold and the Brave  •

Y'mean you haven't figured out how I act yet? You disappoint me. Oh well, might as well rant about this too.

Guess I'm aggressive, like a tomboy and all. People have told me I tend to be rough, and use violence to get my ways. I think I'm just being what I usually am; physically assertive and ready to fight at all times. No use being passive and completely useless, don't you agree?

I'm also very blunt. Ask me for an honest opinion, I'll give it to 'ya. No, " Oh, it's pretty," or " It suits you!" remarks. Those are shit for people who are too cowardly to tell the truth. It either looks bad on you, or it doesn't.

On another hand, I don't really talk to myself honestly. If I know I've lost, I'll just lie to myself. It's useless, I know, but I can't help it. I want to be honest to myself but seeing how things're now, I doubt it. I guess you could call me dense about myself, though I doubt that'll really describe me.

One last thing: Don't anger me, I rage out during fights. And by rage, I mean if you piss me off even slightly, don't expect to escape unscathed.

• • •

Equipment / Abilities
•  Strange little Doodads •

I possess a strange power, one that doesn't suit me at all.

Water Puppets

Basically it's controlling water, y'know, the whole shebang, except I can create humanoid shapes to control. The range is within 50 meters of myself, and outside of that, I lose control over them. While controlling the puppets, I can take over the sense, smell, touch, and sight. It is very useful in a situation where I need to spy on someone, or something.

Besides the puppets, I can shape water to nearly any form I can imagine, usually making a whip or baseball bat of some sort. I prefer short distance combat, and tend to become really aggressive with my attacks, not feeling pity or guilt in the slightest.

The sad part about this is that the water puppets deplete me of energy, and I become incredibly weak defense wise. If you get to me while I'm controlling the puppets, I am defenseless and an easy target. Same thing goes for using the water itself a lot; sooner or later, I strain my muscles too much, and sometimes even lose the ability to move.  

• • •

•  It's been a while  •

I've lived in a family of six, with three rambunctious brothers that were always laughing, yelling, screaming, jumping, you name it, they were doing it. My parents tended to neglect us a lot, often assigning Jaq, the oldest brother, five years older than I am now, to take care of us. Mighty fine way he did that. I learned to behave, and act like a man, s'long as I kept the house intact. Slightly. My parents didn't mind a thing. Couldn't expect them to myself; we were a handful.

Everything was fine until the age of twelve. I played baseball and various sports with the other boys in the neighborhood, and loved it. Then, puberty happened. What a dastardly thing it is, making me grow every which way, though not much in the chest area. However, I continued to play sports and act masculine, similar to the way most tomboys act, y'know, just a bit more boyish and such 'cause I wasn't afraid to be violent and use words before actions.

To this day, I still have that kind of attitude, and pretty much refuse the thought that I am honestly just a girl. I regard myself as just another one of the guys, though inside I do know that I am female, and vulnerable.

• • •

• Music : S t a r t

She's Killing Me • A Rocket to the Moon
Just the Girl • The Click Five