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Henry Gordon Valdeera

Roleplay: "The WTF Multiverse"

Player: Brook V

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He's lost in a unknown world in his search for an sacred relic

Age: 16
Race: Human, Caucasian, "American"
Height: 5' 11"
Body type: Well trained but not a body builder type.
Eye color: Blue
Hair: Ginger
He also have sharp cheek bones.

Scars/marks: None
Tattoos: None

Preferred clothes: Jeans and shirts.

Henry got a temperament. He easily takes things personally but he can appreciate a good joke. His humor is rather light and he's not a practical joker. That's also is a type of joke he does not appreciate at all. Henry is very loyal to his friends. He's rather easy going around people although he does not talk much.

Favorite color: Blue
Zodiac sign: Leo

He dislikes dishonesty and arrogance. He's hateful towards people that command and force weaker persons to do things for them.

He admires skill in either fighting or magic.

He likes food. Lots of it. Which leads to the fact he need to exercise a lot. When it comes to exercise he enjoys running.

Equipment / Abilities
His weapons is a Ruger SR40, semi-automatic pistol, caliber .40 (10mm), a one handed sword and light shield. His armor consist of a reinforced leather jacket, protection for his legs and crotch aswell as an helmet. The armor type are medium and the material is reinforced leather.
In addition to this he carriers a bag with several stones in which he stores magic and a folder in which he keeps records and files.

Henry is a mage and warrior hybrid. His powers are mostly enhancement for his fighting skills aswell as a few offensive ones. He has some useful powers that helps him on his adventures too. The downside is that he need to use stored magic in order to use these spells. His primary source of magic is the stones that has been charged with magic from the elemental planes of Fire and Earth.

Fighting weakens him. He doesn't have the same height of endurance as a pure warrior and nor the extensive spell supply of a mage. Therefore he can't keep on fighting as long as an ordinary warrior.

Henry grew up in the country Rahm in a little village in the northern parts. He was born to Lucas and Sandra Walton. He got two siblings; Lucas Jr and Maria. Like any ordinary boy he went to school. In his world magic was just for show, existed in stories or made ridicule over. Henry showed an interest for martial arts and weapons. When he hit puberty signs started to show that he had magic in him. An emissary for the Azure order approached him and told him about his order. Henry took him up on his offer and begun to study the arcane arts. As he tried to balance his weapon and martial arts training with his studies he became a mix of those two, not a true mage nor a true warrior. Everything was calm until a war broke out. The Order tried to stay out of the War. After all it wasn't their job to spread peace. The war made communication within the order difficult.

As the war progressed Rahm got invaded. The city in which Henry and his family lived was quickly overtaken by the army. Henry was home at the time and did his best to protect the family as his father and older brother had been called off to war. He didn't care about what would happen to him and in the heat of the battle he revealed the powers he had kept hidden from his family. The act drained him and after that it didn't take long before he was overwhelmed and dragged off. He watched as other men that tried to defend their homes was killed by the soldiers, their families being dragged away crying and screaming. He did not know what would happen to him.

He was taken to a camp outside of the town which also severed as a temporary prison. Here the survivors were taken he saw. He got locked up with some other men and there he stayed. They told him that people that had fought the soldier had been executed. Henry had fought them and he couldn't understand why but someone wanted something with him.

Before he was able to find out however The Order broke him out of prison together with several other captives. Some of the newly freed asked to join the Order's cause. Henry didn't found out what they did next as he was quickly taken to the Azure headquarter.
One of his superiors, a man by the name of Charles Watson, told him that their brothers and sisters in Warun had exchanged information with the Zarun-based order. The Warun division of the Azure order had noticed that people had went over to Zarun and shortly there after things had escalated. This made them believe than the person behind the war was from Warun. Henry had been told about Warun, it was the magic version of his own world. These would had been separated a long time ago for some reason he didn't knew.

The Azure Order prepared for war, both in Warun and Zarun. Warriors from both side were exchanged in order to bring a downfall to the person behind the war. Henry became part of a small team which was given the task of finding an long lost artifact.
This artifact was said to be able to calm a storm or shatter the earth. It had been made eons ago by a god who was long forgotten or dead. The position of the artifact however, was unknown. Henry and his team spent time looking for clues both in Warun and Zarun. During a ritual to pass over The Breach something went amiss and Henry found himself elsewhere, separated from his team.