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Étaín Epona Markey

Roleplay: "Shichiyou Academy"

Player: BoredNeko19

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Riding Instructor Teacher


Epona's hair color is always changing but it is normally red down to the middle of her back. Her eyes are a hazel color with a hint of brown around the iris which are a bit wide. She normally wears glasses when at her apartment but out in public she wears contacts. She is pretty average on body size and weight, although if she changed her clothes from slightly baggy jeans and bit baggy t-shirts she might stand out. Her smile is one of her best features since it is rare around humans but it really lights up her face.


Epona is a bit stubborn at times which can cause her downfall in a lot of things when she thinks she is right. But she does tend to also at times she can be wrong and she will admit it to a point and only if the person is her friend. Although she does seem to be a natural with horses and her softest side is when she is around animals, any other time she is shy and quiet for the most part but she does pretty well with people once she gets use to them. Normally she is very interdependent and relies on herself or her horse although if anyone gets to know her well enough she seems to be very open minded and free thinking. Of course like any horse crazy girl who grew up on a ranch she is very resourceful.

Personality Traits:

  • Stubborn
  •  Shy
  • quiet
  • Won't stand up for herself
  • Natural with horses,
  • Always sees beauty in things,
  • Smart,
  •  mature,
  •  free thinking,
  •  flexibility,
  •  Self-reliant,
  •  resourceful

Equipment / Abilities
She can talk to horses and understand them, why is unknown but she just can.


Family Tree: Father: Lóegaire Markey; Mother: Maeve Lennon Markey; Siblings: Emer Markey (younger sister); Grandparent: Morrigan Markey (Grandmother)

Hometown: Matthews, Wyoming

Epona was born into a family who owned a ranch that raised horses and trained them before selling them or using them to breed; at least her grandmother and father did while her mother helped during the winter. Her mother was a riding instructor at a camp that took over the summer months and thus Epona was taken with her mom to the camp. When she was born she was very small and had a lot of health problems but she over came them as she grew and by the time she was five she was a healthy little girl who spent way too much time with animals and too less time with humans outside of her family. At the age of six her mother put her in the camp rather than keep her as a little helper; it was to help her interact with kids her own age or at least around her age.

Although she got teased at camp due to her name being so strange and the fact that she mostly kept to only horse related stuff rather than do much other unless she was forced to. Often she would sneak away to the barn to brush the horses who knew her from her being there every summer, not to add that she had helped raise some of them. Although her favorite was a huge dark brown friesian mare, mostly she was used for hayrides and show by her mother since none of the kids liked to ride her. At least all but Epona, she loved to ride the mare even though each time her mom was the one leading her and she never did ride alone on any of the horses. She was kept to the pony's like the rest of her age grouping, only allowed to ride the mare in the moonlight after everyone had gone to bed.

The next summer when she was seven her mother had told her that she was gonna be a big sister. At first she was excited since she could be the one to teach her baby sister about horses and everything like that. Then she found out that she would have to share a room with her baby sister and that some things had to be changed to make it safer for a baby. That put a bit of dislike towards the baby, which only grew as she shared her room; mostly due to the crying. By the end of the year though the sisters where getting along better and Epona even started to help out with taking care of her younger sister, mostly just watching her and keeping her out of the way.

When Epona was ten she finally got to ride the mare she loved from the summer camp when her mother brought the old horse home. It was then that she decided to get a job working with horses no matter what, even if she had to run away from home to do so. Of course she knew it would have to be after she was out of school, she never could pull herself off for someone older; plus she knew it wouldn't do any good. She loved helping her parents with the horses on the ranch and she even learned a bit to help out with keeping the ranch running. Her grandmother and father figured that she would take over the ranch after they were gone since that's how it always was.

During her teen years Epona spent more time with the animals and the only person outside of her family was the ranch hands and the vet that she talked to and spend any time with. In school she never made any friends, for she always kept to herself and even if someone tried to become her friend she didn't know how to act so she didn't have any friends. When she was fifteen though her parents decided to send her to a boarding school in London to finish up her schooling and gain the right training to run the business side of the ranch (plus she kept getting into fights with her sister about small stuff and causing too much trouble). Which she didn't want to stay away from animals for too long so she worked hard and got sick often from lack of sleep due to studying too much. Within two years she had finished school and went back home, which she took the the next year traveling with her mom to shows and rodeos.

It was as they were passing threw Brooke Haven, Montana that she fell in love with the beauty of the land and weather. She decided that once she was old enough that she would move up there with her horse and either start her own ranch or find a job working with animals. Which shortly after her birthday her dad told her that he had set up a job for her at a Correction Facility stables and that she would be a riding instructor; well her grandmother did but she didn't know that. She considered that to be her best present since she knew that once he said the name of the place that it was near the place that she loved. After all she had researched it and been looking for a job in the area of that town ever since she passed threw it. Saying that it was her best present was a long stretch since her mother gave her a beautiful black friesian mare and a beautiful track set to go with the mare. While her grandmother bought her a truck and trailer to move her stuff and horse up to her new place.

After a year there she left the school and moved to Japan with her mare to go to a collage and serve as a riding instructor at a school called "Shichiyou Academy". It took her a week to get to the place after getting to Japan and just barely made it there in time for the school year to start but since she knew her class could be covered by one of the others. Which made it ok for her to be so close to time and it even gave her a little bit of time to settle in and get her mare, Midnight Dance, settled in too. Even though it'll take a lot more time to settle in she at least got settled enough to handle classes


Riding Instructor Teacher & College Student

Clubs: Photography & Riding
  • Classes they show up for: Writing, Music, and Art
Age: 19
Birthday: July 18th
Likes: Horses, Photography, Moonlight Rides, Guitars, Singing, Music
Dislikes: Snakes, Fish, Bright colors

Her Horse:

Show Name: Midnight Dance
Barn name: Midnight
Age: 3
Gender: Mare
Personality: High spirited & Loyal

Other: Recently taught to bare a rider (even them only Epona or her mother)