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Krin Jun

Roleplay: "Personal Character Pool"

Player: vickiazn

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". . . Don't stare."

Age: 14yr.
Height: 5'
Weight: 118lb.
Build: Petite yet athletic
Hair Color: Light, sandy brown
Eye Color(Left): Gold
Eye Color(Right): Blood Red

He is a very quiet, but has a slight temper. He doesn't like to get mad though. He is an excellent warrior, but refuses to be one because of the people he will be forced to work with. He can be quiet childish and distrusting of others.

Equipment / Abilities
He is very good at fighting. He can use a little of each magic so far. A little nature, fire, shadow, darkness, this that. He is very knowledgeable and can learn lots of things. He tends to carry around a magic book.

Somehow being born with one usable eye, he was resented by many in his town. He prevented himself from making friends and was abandoned by his own parents. He taught himself the art of magic and started using it for his own deeds. After a while, the number of people who resented him started to decline. When he was 12, a couple of guys who lived near him jumped him. Not wanting to harm them, he didn't fight back. Which resulted in the loss of his left eye. It was still intact, but he couldn't use it. He was completely blind. People wandered what happened, and he told them all that it was a magic accident.

He lives in the rural slums of Iatane. That's where he was abandoned and had nowhere else to go.