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Amanda Summers

Roleplay: "Personal Character Pool"

Player: vickiazn

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What? Who designed THAT outfit!?

Name: Amanda Rose Summers
Age:18 years
Sexuality: Straight

Eye Color: Dark Teal
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 138lb.

Likes: fashion, clothes, shopping, admirers, being considered a role model, compliments, having people do what she says, reading(secret), writing(secret)
Dislikes: being told what to do, rules, regulations, being considered trash, being insulted, being blackmailed


Not much to say about her personality. Actually, there is. She is obnoxious and a jerk at best. She likes to boss others around, and some people are actually blind enough to follow along. She has a clique, filled with a bunch of people who have an inferior sense of fashion to that of hers. Since she is a model, she adapted a stuck up and bossy attitude. That's her attitude outside of the eyes of her fellow classmates and audience. When at home, she looks herself in her room and begins to read or pull out her journal. She is a surprisingly thoughtful and serene person when you actually try to get to know her.

Equipment / Abilities

She always has her phone, journal and some kind of book to read with her. When at work, she has all those things hidden, but her phone and purse are the few things she shows off along with her make up. When she's at school, she hides her journal and book in the inner pocket hidden in her backpack, which is bejeweled. She brings a designer binder and clothes for whenever she feels like changing. When she goes outside to read or write in a different environment, she disguises herself as a boy. With her make up ability, she manages to give herself a masculine look and finish it off with a wig and hat.

This is what she looks like in disguise.

Since both parents worked together in the fashion industry, they were expecting Amanda to be good with make up and fashion. But when she was in middle school, she had no care for fashion nor did she even think of using make up. She dressed like a tomboy and didn't even bother putting on even just a little bit of lip gloss as she spent most of her days reading or writing stories. Her parents saw the potential with in her and had her forced into their industry by being a model. She ended up blossoming into a full time diva as she grew popular with her peers and viewers. She thought that reading and writing would ruin her image, so she decided to hide the hobby and focus on her modeling career. When her parents heard of Cole Academy, they sent her there in the 9th grade. She was automatically popular with her peers, but her stuck up attitude made it hard for others to approach. Which was actually an advantage cause it gave her the chance to read or write in secret. After all those years of deception, not only to others but also to herself, she managed to keep her secret safe. But it might not work that way this year. . .