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Hiro Ling

Roleplay: "Silhouette's character housing for the homeless"

Player: Silhouette

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"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely fools."


The Basics:

|Gender| Female
|Ethnicity| Japanese
|Race| Human
|Orientation|Bisexual (Leans most towards men)
|Complexion| Very pale with a faint pink hue
|Hair| Mid length to long, silky and ebony black
|Eyes| Deep gold
|Build| Slender, petite with modest and subtle curves
|Height| Five feet and five inches

Hiro's always had a very slender build, to the point of appearing frail to others. But her legs and arms still hold small hints of lean muscle tone, meant more for speed and precision rather than power. Her frame is petite but still has subtle and tasteful curves, her bust is on the smaller side though still very noticeable. (She tends to be self-conscious over her smaller build). Her raven hair is normally kept long, being cut to mid length on occasion. Her hair is also cool, silky and soft to the touch. When the light isn't hitting them, her deep gold eyes sometimes appear a bright bronze or brown at first glance.

Her near ivory skin has a faint pink tint to those looking for it, otherwise, she can sometimes appear a bit pasty. She tends to avoid being in the sun for extended periods to prevent sunburns. Her face is very youthful, with a smooth rounded shape aside from her chin which comes out to a small and delicate point. Her nose is also small and unassuming, following her chin in being one of her more delicate features. Her large almond-shaped eyes are highly expressive, often conveying more of her emotions and thoughts than even her words. Overall her face holds soft features with a willful edge to it, reminiscent of a cat in many respects.


In Brief:

The bad: |Stubborn|Cynical|Cold|Distant|Distrusting|Hot Tempered|Self Conscious|Damaged|Lonely|

The good: |Honest|Strong Willed|Brave|Empathetic|Patient|Loyal|Intelligent|Varied Sense of Humor|Potential for Growth|

In Detail:

Life doesn't discriminate between the sinners and the saints. This Hiro feels she learned a long time ago. Over the course of her life, she's become convinced that there are no 'good' people. There are just the sadists and walking garbage that litter the world. And the rest are those shuffling through the mess, blending in and either trying to survive or become the next alpha dogs on top of the pile. In her opinion, no one really wants to hear the truth, because it's sharp-edged and inconvenient. People only want for others to tell them what they want to hear. And thus, everyone wears a mask. Everyone is a liar and a cheat, the game is just being the best liar of the bunch. In reality, this viewpoint disgusts Hiro, but it remains the way she has been made to see the world.

She appalls liars, yet she became one to survive. Over the years she's accumulated a great number of 'masks', all designed to hide away her true feelings from the people around her. Her usual act is one of a cold and distant nature, a defense mechanism designed to drive others away from her. Hiro claims to hate people and that she wants to be left alone. The truth is she doesn't trust people after the number of times she's been hurt, but she's actually very lonely. Among her cold demeanor she also carries an aggressive and confident persona, however, this also is only an act. She's self-conscious about her appearance, and most of all, she's grown to hate the person she's become.

No matter how often she reaffirms her viewpoint on the world and justifies her actions, it does not change the fact that she's no different from the other horrible people in her mind. If she were to find a person she could trust and her world view was changed, she would have the inner strength to change. Towards someone she cares about, Hiro will always try her best. She will make an effort to do better despite her faults and remain honest to those she loves. And though she doesn't express it often, she's actually highly empathetic and is decent at reading people.

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