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Archimedes Wilton Profeta

Roleplay: "Neko's 1x1s"

Player: BoredNeko19

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An old drow that was kicked out of his home for disobeying the Queen of his family due to them killing his family.


I have long white hair, black as night skin my muscles stand out no matter what I'm wearing. My eyes are s beautiful shade of purple, which seem to glow in the right light.

Seemingly cold but is really a big softy, will protect anyone who gets into his heart until the death. It seems he doesn't have a sense of humor but he just has a twisted sense from his time spent within his clan.

Equipment / Abilities

I'm very strong and even have a touch of magic, that I have mastered the use of the magic I have. My weakness is the sun as I am not used to it too much and it can drain my energy if I stay in it too long as I am hardly found in the sunlight but just in the shadows.


It is a long and boring story but I will not speak of it as I have left them behind after they killed my beloved and our unborn child. I became an outcast as I left the dark tunnels and the control of women behind me.

I wondered aimlessly for years never caring what others thought of me not caring if I killed anything. For a long time I just wanted to die but as luck would have it, as I planned to kill myself a young elf came into my life, she apparently had just woke up from being turned into a vampire. As the vampire who turned her was nowhere to be found I took her in and taught her control, she became my student and companion. She also took the place of my unborn child in my heart so I made sure to keep her protected, though she proved not to need protection when a raid happened on our camp. It was only three years after I found her that I found a baby elf no signs of his parents around; she took to the baby elf and when she asked if the baby could stay I couldn't say no to her. Thus I raised them as children and taught them as if they where my own children, it was a bit harsh but as Lilith, the girl, was always spoiling the child but because of how she looked she never tried to be his mother only his sister. But over the years I saw how people reacted to me and how they would flee from me, there must not have been good information about my kind on the surface. So I built a house and settled down with the kids, I still taught them and let them get the supplies. Now my children have left me to travel on their own and left me on my own.