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Dinh Solomek

Roleplay: "Shifting Shadows; When Darkness Falls {Open}"

Player: enkerzed

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Ancient, immortal, Guardian


Often dressed in a hooded cloak, Solomek appears (when he chooses to appear) as the quintessential mysterious stranger. Always shrouded in obscurity, his only defining features are his unnaturally blue eyes that seem to shine like actual gemstones. Of average build and average height, Solomek doesn't seem at all remarkable, but one look into his piercing gaze is enough to gain a sense of the sheer amount of power he wields. Otherwise, he would seem like any other dark-blonde caucasian man in the world. His voice can be described as soothing or haunting and although of indeterminate age, his movements and appearance are that of someone in their physical prime.

A font of ancient wisdom, Solomek's very presence exudes a certain gravitas that simply commands respect from any living being. There is no helping it, he has likely lived longer than you, knows more than you'll ever learn and wields the power to protect the entire world (or even destroy it)... All this however becomes far less impressive when his ignorance of the modern age is revealed, as he's been too busy safeguarding humanity to keep up with its trends.

An unintentional master of being comically serious, Solomek is capable of astounding episodes of buffoonery whilst maintaining an entirely straight face. He is also completely indifferent to human emotions, so the concept of fear, anger, love and hate are entirely beyond him. It's not that he doesn't understand them, he simply doesn't care.

His only concern is serving as the Guardian of Earth, defending it against any threat on all plains of existence. Sometimes, this means walking the Earth itself, but once a threat's been dealt with, he'll be gone as quick as if he was never around in the first place.

Since there are usually numerous problems to contend with at once, he often merely observes a situation before deciding when it's time to directly intervene. Otherwise, he'll just let things sort themselves out. Only the most dire threats would spur him into immediate action.

Equipment / Abilities
Same powers as Marin (excluding abilities unique to her) only fully developed and with the addition of being able to summon portals for inter-dimensional travel, as well as teleportation.

Too long to recount.