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Eoin Jae Wolfe

Roleplay: "HEIST"

Player: Tika

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The Liuetenant


Very serious about the business, he can be fair but has a temper to build. He likes things hard, fast and on the go. He likes his women and men to be similar to the way he runs things.

Tanned skin, built with steel blue eyes. He has wavy brown hair and can really fill out a suit. He has on scar that mars his face from his forehead down past his left eye. Stands about 6'1" weights about 240 (lots of muscle)

Age: 32
Sexuality: Bisexual, (in the closet with the guys)

Usually the quiet guy, he takes in everything he sees and usually sees more than what others do. When he does lose his temper, it snaps. He is a fighter by nature. Don't poke the bear too much, he bites.

Equipment / Abilities
He usually carries a couple of  24 magnums.

 Eoin was part of Jackson's crew (the man that ran the city before Monty killed him) and Eoin stayed with Monty after shit went down and the takeover took place. Helping Monty to secure territory, assets, trades and so on. Quickly becoming Monty's second when he established himself within the city as the new lead boss.

Secretly has a thing for the boss