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Matthew Fou

Roleplay: "HEIST"

Player: PastelPrinceling

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Fringe (Nark)

Matthew stands at 5'7", 145lbs, with a slim frame. He's got some muscle on him, lean and lithe from running and swimming more than lifting weights. Black, thin hair, easy to get fingers through, it's almost always pushed back out of his face. He plays with it a lot. He is also an addict of body modifications with a plethora of piercings and a few spare tattoos. He likes to convince people his eyes are natural, silver with a bright electric blue ring around the pupil. It's very likely they're fake though. Sharp teeth, expensive, impulsive replacements, having gotten most of his showing teeth removed in his younger years and literally replaced.

Matthew is a transman who has a successful mastectomy, but is alright with the rest of his bits and has left it as it was. He goes strictly by he/him/his.

In a word Matthew is a terror. He lives his life and every day in it to the fullest. He often does things on whims, decides at the drop of a hat, and is just overall a little unpredictable in what he's going to be doing next. He does what he wants with his life and tries to smile every day. He would rather have fun with his life than be safe, which might explain why he's a gangster.

Matty is smart, but he doesn't have the most common sense. Doing things on whims usually eliminates the common sense that would come from planning something out before doing it. He takes orders well though, and executes them flawlessly, or to the best of his abilities. He is flighty, but that's on his own time. If he had a job, the job comes first and the job is what matters. He often feels inferior and small, so does what he can to prove himself to superiors or people he likes, both in acting out in his own time, and doing the best he can at the tasks he's given.

Equipment / Abilities
Spring loaded knife brass knuckles combo. Image

Magpul PDR. Image

In his 26 years of life, Matthew has seen things and been places. He grew up poor, but with a good, supportive family. He settled into his trans identity at 14, took up freerunning at 15, lost his brother and father at 17. They moved a lot when he was kid, but mostly stuck to city settings, and he's been a little rat in the vents for as long as he could remember. Now he just tries to do what he's always done, but professionally.

Polyamourous, Pansexual/Panromantic (Male presenting leanings)

Song: Centuries - Fall Out Boy