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Ambrose Montgomery

Roleplay: "HEIST"

Player: Strude

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The Leader (BOSS)


nickname monty
age 40
gender male
sexuality pansexual

hair brown
eyes dark green

height 5'9
weight 186lb


montgomery is a classy gangster, hipster as fuck and he doesn't care. he likes his whisky and his high class restaurants. he doesn't like to get his hands dirty and he certainly prefers the flashy side of his lifestyle over the nitty gritty. that said he will get down to business when needed, and he isn't shy about busting a few noses to get what he needs. montgomery is fair, but ruthless.

kersty would say montgomery is a smooth talking charmer, and she isn't that far off. however he is a frightful man when he isn't pleased and will make an example of whoever he needs however he needs to. when monty isn't being a 'mean old dick' he's happily handling his crew like a tight knit family with love and affection for all.

Equipment / Abilities

accuracy international arctic warfare sniper rifle view image


montgomery runs the city of odalis and he ruthless. there isn't a lesser gangster that doesn't tip their hat to montgomery and his crew. not every crew out there works for montgomery, but they don't test him either, most play it safe trying to keep on his good side. there are some that give montgomery and his crew some troubles, but the gangster handles his turf well and doesn't bow easy.

montgomery came into his wealth and territory after several long years working side by side a old man named jackson denim. he controlled the odalis gangs from the outside never claiming a crew of his own rather working like a phantom with his hands in everything. jackson taught monty everything he knows and much to jacksons surprise monty took his mentor out the second he was sure he could handle the mans business. with jackson dead monty took to the streets of odalis and made a name for himself. he built his crew, tested their loyalty and set out to rule the city. years later monty did win over the majority of the territories, though some allude him.

    relationship history : lenna croft    
#written by cows go mo [source]

i forsee them being oldish friends then lovers, partially because they are the oldest out of all or characters so far. he knew her back when lenna was still "lawrence". originally, lenna was a drag creation that helped hide lawrence's real identity during business transactions, but secretly ( because lenna abhors the idea of being anything more than business) she knew that being lenna (and fucking as her lol) felt more natural than as lawrence. until she came out she only shared these thoughts with monty so now she trusts him to no end, even if her business hinges on gaining trust rather than giving it away.

    relationship history : kersty mayson    
#written by strude

montgomery and kersty got together as a means to an end. kersty left his city under tragic circumstances, fleeing to odalis to find a safe place away from the mess. kersty wasn't aware of montgomery's control of the city and when engaged in a drug deal she learned of the man. it took several months before kersty actively sought out the city 'kingpin', he came to montgomery only because it was safer to run with a crew than it was solo in any city. the pair developed a type of power relationship when montgomery realized that kersty was a ticking time bomb. montgomery saw the relationship as a way to hook into kersty and manage their dangerous tendencies. kersty saw it as a means to gain real protection. both struggle with their power dynamics.

    relationship history : eoin jae wolfe    
#written by strude 

eoin stayed with monty after shit went down and the takeover took place. helping monty to secure territory, assets, trades and so on. quickly becoming monty's second when he established himself within the city as the new lead boss. since monty is pretty open about being fairly tactile he gets up in eoin's space a lot, not exactly expecting anything out of it since he has so many other relationships to fill his needs. however, monty is realizing that eoin fills a need he hasn't gotten from any of his other relationships. so he is only now beginning to pursue that in eoin, lots of testing the water, touching, closeness and so forth. until one or the other says something.


narco-arms dealer
crew leader odalis soul

relationship status polyamory kersty mayson
eoin jae wolfe
matthew fou
tally huntington
lenna croft

montgomery's relationships work under the following agreement. each individual maintains a monogamous sexual relationship with montgomery. they may not engage in a sexual relationship with anyone else. the level of intimacy between montgomery and the individual is determined by the individual and sets the parameters of their sexual relations.

montgomery allows relationships between those within his poly circle (listed above) under the condition he is aware of and involved in their relationship. he does not require to be engaged in all acts of intimacy, he does desires to be informed of (minimum) or witness to it whenever it occurs.

theme song screaming bloody murder sum41

artwork by, pinstripe-doodles.tumblr