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Lilac Summer

Roleplay: "Oasis Flames"

Player: Oasis

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New girl in town

Long brown flowing brown hair, with streaks of blue in it here and there, and it goes just past her bellybutton. She is pretty slender, and small, but has plumpness in all the right places. She weighs about 110 pounds and is pretty fit, due to her going to the gum regularly. Her olive toned skin is blemish free and soft to the touch. She has emerald colored eyes and white pearly teeth To go along with her killer smile. She always smells like roses and lavender, and has a killer grungy , metal style to her. 

(It will not let me fill out any of the bottom! I will fix later) 
Her personality can depend on how she feels about you. 
She can be a hard ass, and bitchy, only to strangers when they deserve it. And she likes to question a lot of things, and has trust issues due to her past rough 20 years of life. But deep down she does have a caring heart and is a softie once you get to know her. 

She just moved from Sweden and is adjusting to the new culture around her. She speaks fluent English with a tad of an accent present. 
Her parents were killed in a car accident, and she was driving. So she lives with that guilt. And her adoptive parents were abusive and not trustworthy at all. 


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