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Roleplay: "The Night That Started It All"

Player: Fame_And_Flames

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"Say...what's your favorite color?"

She is a fairy,she is childish to a dangerous extent.She has no need for things negative and tends to get into trouble due to her...childish antics.She wears what seems to be leaves,but are just rags from old clothing that imply at one point she had clothing.Her hair is a blue murky color,untamed mess that pools at the top tied seemingly magical plants.Her wings are green soft,long wisps that seem peculiar to most,as they are not common,for they resemble feathers from birds.

A quirky,loud,manipulative,girl.She is not commonly known for being calm,but she can explode quite quickly.While she is childish-the right words will set her off to unfold a seriousness that makes you wonder who she truly is.She has no remorse towards those who have hurt her,and will always try to see the good in others.

Equipment / Abilities
She is still young,having no true mentor her spells are limited to small healing charms,and appearance charms(her hair and clothes).She can run,its all she's ever done.

She was raised in a small human village,always hiding having no clue how to hide her wings she watched from afar.After a mysterious had destroyed her home her only recluse was to run towards the forest and never look back and so she did.Her clothes were tattered and scratches littered her body,she grew to not question things and only have fun-no longer needing to hide,she lost track of time and now,shes bored of the forest,shes gotten enough magic to hide her wings and has set off.