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Mathias Wolfe, The Noisy One

Roleplay: "Time Slayers: Lullabies of Tomorrow"

Player: MMOgamer

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The Noisy One

(Props to Tobiee on DeviantArt for the picture)

Name: Mathias Wolfe
Nickname: Jester, Mat, Wolfe
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 175 lbs

As for the details:
Mathias has dark heair and eyes, although the latter are often times discolored to much brighter colors with contact lenses. He's Tall and always stands up straight. He has no tatoos but multiple piercings on both ears. 

His clothing is as loud if not louder than he is and consists of his Cirque outfits, which all have the same jester theme with slight differences, mainly color. They are always flashy an draw attention towards Mathias. He is always seen with his jester hat on his head and a thick scraf around his neck. He has a few non-essential belts that hang around his waist. The hat never seems to fall off his head, even as he does his flips and hand stands and other acrobatics.

Describe Myself? Well... hmmm.... :

Mathias is obnoxiously loud and cheerful, especially given what has occured in the past few weeks.  He can never stop talking and stealth is impossible for him. He can't stay quiet for ten minutes without saying, singing or whistling something. Although it makes him terrible for stealthy things, he's a great diversion. Most people can't keep their eyes off this great big ball of brightly clothed energy. He's extremely jovial and kind. He loves to make people laugh and is a genuinely kind person. He can't hold a grudge for more than a few minutes and always makes ammends for his wrong doings as soon as possible, even if the other party is unwilling to accept it. He's extremely friendly and not judgemental. He is intelligent although it doesn't always show.

In general he's a good guy who would do almost anything to help a friend.

Equipment / Abilities
Precious Item: The Scarf he constantly wears around his neck was woven from many of his fellow cirque member's sacriface for him, in particular the Ringmaster and his adoptive Father, Malcolm Jessup Wolfe.

Greatest Fear: It's not a fear as much as an extremely strong dislike. Gale-Force winds. Not becauses they destroyed his childhood home or caused him to have nightmares as a boy, but becuase they always gave him much more work by knocking down the Circus tent so he'd have to put it back up.

With Fear Comes Strength and Courage (Power): Wind. With his precious item, Mathias is able to bend wind around him, using to for movement and attacking, with a minor amount of defense. 

Awakening Transformation: Mathias can use his powers in two different forms, his wolf form and his hybrid form. His wolf form looks like a larger than life grey wolf with accents mathcing whatever color his outfit was and wind swirling around it's feet and forming it's tail. He can only use the full potential of his powers in this form, but he doesn't have a fondness for wolves so will rarely use it. His hybrid form includes a wolf's head, claws and feet with the wind gathering around his hand and feet and forming a tail.

Let me tell you a story.

Mat was orphaned when he was very young and he kind of wandered for a long time. He somehow dodged child services and took care of himself until the circus came around. He slept in the bottom of one of their trucks and when they were unpacking in the next city, thy found the little boy sleeping. They took him to the Ringleader, Malcolm. He took pity on the boy and adopted him, saying "You've been walking so long. Might need a break, but never stop walking.". Mat started to do little things around the circus and train with the tumblers and clowns. He slowly warmed up to everyone and eventually became the Lead Tumbler of the Circus. 

A few nights ago Mat's entire troop died. After they passed, he found a red and white scarf, reminiscent of the circus tents. He put it on and immediately felt the presence of his troop. He heard the words, "Don't Stop. Keep walking." And he hasn't. Then he traveled to the church.

Theme: I write Sins not Tragedies by Panic at the Disco
Likes: Noise, Fun and a Stiff Drink
Dislikes: High Winds, Wolves, and prudes.
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Animal: Poison dark frogs