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Cassandra Oblitus

Roleplay: "The Infernal Summoning"

Player: FijiLoki

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“That's the thing about freewill: Every decision we make is a choice against something as much as it is for something else.”

5’8, slender, but with some muscle. Hair is red/auburn. Iris of the eyes are catlike in shape, and orange in color. Sometimes when using her fire, the color of her iris will shift like flames.

Completion is white, a bit pale. One of her arms shows a part of her true nature; a demonic arm, black with a fire red between the cracks. Finger tips are also red. The arm is the same size as a normal arm would be, but it is much warmer than the rest of her body (though she is generally above a normal temp) and her arm is hard like stone. It is her right arm that is like this (she is left handed). She can make the temperature in that hand far hotter and can melt flesh from bone at her touch if she willed it.

She also has a black prehensile devil tail that nearly touches the ground in length. Her hooded cloak is black with golden trim, and beneath that she wears a black corset with gold colored laces. It is a sleeved corset. She wears dark pants. Around her neck is a silver chain, a green gemstone pendent falling against her breasts.


Equipment / Abilities

Weapons: Cassandra’s primary weapons are two slim swords that can fit into each other, becoming ‘double bladed’.

Her back up weapon is a few curved knives – kept in the back of her pants waistband, in one of her boots, and on her right thigh.

She has the power of pyromancy. She also has a minor visions power – prophetic dreams, and sometimes glances into past, present, or possible futures at the touch of objects.

Cassandra is a twenty two year old female who has been on her own for the greater part of her life. She is used to begging, starving, and running when whatever town she’d holed up in decides they don’t want something like her around.