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Jerome Tomkins

Roleplay: "Sinz Oasis"

Player: Oasis

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A Monster.

Dark brown hair, short, but when not styled it just goes down to his eyebrows. His skin is pale, and he has blue/grey eyes that can change color depending on his mood and if he is thirsty or not. He is tall, 6'7, and is built with pure muscle. Being a vampire, it's a natural thing. 

He's quiet, and rather dark since he was changes to a vampire. He hates life, and hates harming people to get blood. Since he is a newer vampire, he must feed every two days. 

Equipment / Abilities
He is very, very strong. And his eyes can change color. And he can run up to 50 mph. 

He don't know much of his past, since when he was turned, they wiped his memory. He didn't know his name. So he just called himself Jerome. The person who changed him told him what he was, and left. Jerome hates talking about the day he became a monster.