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Lia Marie Gallagher

Roleplay: "Sinz Oasis"

Player: Oasis

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A Wolf

I'm about 5'2, I'm a bit thin, but not sickly, I weigh about 110 pounds and I have curves in the right places. I have a d-cup breast size. My eyes are an ice/ocean blue, my skin is a bit pale, but free of any blemishes and marks. My teeth are white, and almost perfect. I have dimples when I smile. I have long wavy brown hair, and it goes to about mid-waist. I have higher cheekbones and a smaller nose, my lips are plumb and kissable. 

I'm quite shy, and I don't talk much unless I'm spoken to. I don't have much of a personality, since my whole life was me just being a rouge. 

Equipment / Abilities

I was raised in an orphanage and when I was 15, I went out on my own as a rouge. I don't know much about my parents, all I know is that I was an "oops" baby.