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Sabine Emmanuel Monet

Roleplay: "Necromance-City"

Player: Hiuknowme

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Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before

Sabine Emmanuel Monet


Eye color
Varying between silver and stormy grey

Hair color
Blue Black

Body type
Thin and wiry



Skin tone







Equipment / Abilities
Specialty: Sabine Specializes in the manipulation of the mind, but also knows swordplay.

     Aura Manipulation- The ability to manipulate the subtle, luminous radiation that surrounds a person or object.

     Morality Manipulation- The power to augment the morality or wickedness in others, or to make them "Good" or "Evil"

     Madness Manipulation- Power to absorb, create and manipulate Madness/Insanity within oneself, others or the madness energy around.

     Katana- Sabine is pretty good at swinging his sharp stick around, but doesn't have very much stamina. He'll try to take you down early, so he doesn't run out of energy during the battle. If you can wear him down, you've essentially beaten him, in which case he'll manipulate your morality to let him go.

The Monet family tree stretches centuries back and twists and spreads its branches into countless other families before ending at today's sole heir, Sabine. The Monets had long since specialized in political battles, but as necromancy grew popular, they were drawn to its power. Never one for anything on the material plane, the first necromancer of the family, Wulfric Marvolo Monet, mastered dark energy manipulation, and passed down his knowledge to one child of every generation henceforth. 

One story goes that in a battle, he was bitten by a vampire behind his left knee, and had to call on the power of the Grey One himself to stop the vile disease from spreading. All that is certain is that Wulfric lost his leg that day, and every Monet necromancer gains a crescent shaped birthmark on the back of their left knee when they come of age. 

Where I got my powers.