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Sonia Perdue

Roleplay: "Global Preservation of Normality"

Player: LyraHanson

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“Science does not have a moral dimension. It is like a knife. If you give it to a surgeon or a murderer, each will use it differently.”

Faction: GPN
Division: Blue Division of America
Age: 28 (Birth 1986)
Gender: Female
Height/Weight: 5’7” / 116 lbs.
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Sonia Perdue looks to be a fairly unremarkable member of the GPN; just another work driven biologist. She’s thin and not physically strong, with long wavy brown hair and rather petite features, but is always holding herself with confidence and the quiet assurance of someone who knows their work; and is often so focused that she comes off as disinterested to anyone who causes interruptions.

Although she often comes off as callous and uncaring in relation to her work matter, Sonia is driven solely by the potential of her work with the GPN and hardly detached, only extremely focused. She is meticulous and inventive with regards to her research – often taking the cool-headed approach towards any lab subjects in favor of ‘the possibilities’. She sees the application of bioengineering with these supernatural creatures something that could very well change everything.

She has developed a very determined and even challenging countenance in response to growing inner conflicts of morality; and is quick to defend the GPN’s methods and ideals against anyone who might even so much as frown at a proposal as if speaking the arguments enough will allow her to eventually convince herself. The allure of a breakthrough in the current understandings of the supernatural, and the potential of recognition in her field are still proving stronger than her concern for the moral implications of what they are doing.

Equipment / Abilities

ID Card: Sonia Perdue has an ID card for the Blue Division of the GPN.
Blue Division Key Card: A key card for access to the NY GPN base labs; for use in her research with her coworkers.


Noteworthy Intellect: Due to significant I.Q. testing results at age 8, Sonia’s education was fast-tracked and she was able to begin her PhD at MIT at age 16. She is a very quick and methodical thinker, but her efforts have not been her strongest possible, as her true interest lies in the still considered immoral theories of cross-genetic biology between these supernatural beings and humans.

Scientific Knowledge: Sonia started her PhD in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the Brain and Cognitive Sciences department at just age 16, studying Computational Neuroscience and Biological Engineering. She has also studied both organic and inorganic Biochemistry.

Born in Tennessee, Chattanooga in 1986, Sonia became immersed in science from a very young age, and this was encouraged by her father, who worked in the slightly more off-limit areas of experimental sciences. She applied for MIT at age 16 in the science department, taking her PhD in Computational Neuroscience and Biological Engineering; finishing her studies in nine years.

From there, at age 25, she took a position researching biomedical engineering but lost her funding only two years in when her research was labeled unethical under the new codes of practice. She had already been noticed by the GPN (thanks to her multiple publications at such an early age) and was offered a position as a Blue Division Agent. Considering the things she learned once she accepted, it didn't take her all that long to adjust to the truth of the world around her; having leapt at the opportunity to further her research. Now, with far more complex and at times indescribable subjects, she couldn't possibly dream of turning her back on the organization - regardless of the occasional morality conflict - and has been working there since.