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Raen | Bastion

Roleplay: "The Coming Darkness 2"

Player: IamEnzo

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Name: Raen | Bastion


Race: Angel

Height: 5'9

Political side: Neutral

When you look at Raen, you'll automatically figure out that he's a Trouble Maker. He will always get into  some kind of fuss for what he believes in. Outside of that, he's a nice, funny boy who can never seem to look at the bad side of things.

Raen is helpful with chores, and actually enjoys cleaning with his two sisters. He loves both his sisters very much and would die to protect them.


Raen is not human. While he looks like one, he is not. Raen's race is referred to as 'Angels'. He holds more than one soul in his body, when his souls switch, he becomes Bastion.

Bastion is the complete opposite of Raen.  He is a cold, no-mercy type of person. When it comes to fighting, Bastion prevails over Raen due to his extreme brutality. There is only one trait both he and Raen share, and that is the love for 'their' sisters.

Equipment / Abilities
Magically, Raen is adaptable. He has Angel Magic.

Angel magic is complicated. In his realm, people are more organized, and the world is more governed. Angel Magic is sealed in books. These books have a slang word; 'Pages'. Every 'Angel' has it's own Page. The Legion hold all destructive Pages, while the common folk hold Pages that help them get through daily life.

Raen's Page is slightly different. His book allows him to shape-shift and summon whatever he desires. Although, it does not come without consequences. For example, he cannot control what he summons, rather it brings whatever he desires the most. If he uses this, he may not open his Page for a while, depending on what he summoned.

Raen lived an average life until now. He was born from one regular mother and one soldier. Both of his parents exist in his realm, Aeth. He grew up with his mother on the village and the farm near it, as his father was busy in keeping peace elsewhere. Along the way came two more siblings, which turned out to be females. They both look up to him as the 'Big Brother'.  At the age of 10, he discovered Bastion, his alternate soul. It was rare for his race, but it also showed a sign of maturity. He was given his Page and was taught how to use it by his mom.

Life was easy for Raen and Bastion. The two souls got to know each other. Bastion knew of his sisters, and formed the same morality as Raen, although he is a brute. A few years later, news had come by that his father had been killed in battle while protecting someone. That day was a hard one. His father was looked upon as a hero to the surrounding towns, as well as his own.

As a life goal, it was engraved in Raen's own room that he would become just as great and heroic as his father one day. When his heart was set, and he found his resolve, an odd, orange ring appeared on his finger. That was when everything changed.

The village knew what it meant. That he would become a Guardian of Sky. He didn't understand it, and neither did his sisters. All they knew was the stories of the past Guardians' adventures. They were known for great adventures, like in fantasy. The next few months came with training Raen and Bastion with his Page. And soon, a portal was opened by the villagers that led him to the living realm. There, he was going to find his other guardians and begin his journey, and maybe even meet the current Guardians. With a deep breath, he stepped through.