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Charlotte "Charl" Ashdown

Roleplay: "Turn Of The Century"

Player: Sweetsunnyrain

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I suppose you could call me energetic

poisonous flowers
Delphinium: Big-heartedness. Fun. Lightness. Levity.

Hmm hmm, to describe myself, what to say, what to say~

Let's start with the basics then! My name is Charlotte Ashdown, though I would very much prefer if you just called me Charl. I have long ash blond hair that goes down to my waist, it's kinda wavy and a little wild at times, but I'm fine with it! That's what makes me me, so to speak, hehe~ I'm a bit short for my age, (which, by the way, is eighteen and seven months), standing at five feet five inches. I'm not exactly sure what my breast size is, since it's never gotten measured before, but, hmm~ I guess you could call me medium sized?

My eyes are a sky blue color, almond shaped, and my skin is a pale creamy color, though I enjoy visiting outside a lot, so I should be tan. Weird, huh?

The clothing I wear looks like this
, though I often pair it with a cute hat of some sort, even though I'm indoors most of the time.

Hmm hmm, what else, what else? Ooh, I've got a birthmark in the shape of a leaf on my right hipbone, and a scar on my right arm from something...that I can't seem to remember...

poisonous flowers
Gardenia:  Purity. Sweetness. Secret love. Joy.

I guess you could describe me as peppy and stuff, since I'm always energetic, in fact I can't remember when I haven't been filled with joy and passion for life, it's always existed. Perhaps it's because I'm curious as to what's outside, and have to contain myself when I'm inside the small cottage that I live in by myself, so as not to attract to much negative attention from the townspeople.

I act like this, but in all honesty quite sweet to others when I meet them...though most seem scared or mildly annoyed at me. I don't blame them though, I mean, I know I tend to become a little bit overzealous in things when I get excited, though I do my best to not anger others. It doesn't always work though, hahaha~

I've often been described as naive and pure, but that's simply because of my isolation in the village. No one's really bothered to teach me anything, and I've only learned from reading books. Simple things like hugging and kissing on the cheek will fluster me, since I'm not very accustomed to that type of behavior being directed towards me. I only want someone to accept me, y'know?

Equipment / Abilities

poisoAsphodel:  Langour. Regret. 

I...I secrete plant scents from my pores. Usually, they're poisonous scents, that cause harm to those who smell it. It's got a semi paralyzing effect, depending on the victim, restricting their movements. Seems legit, huh? Thing is, I can't control who smells it...So you could be an ally and get affected by this. Basically, this makes me useless in a battle. However, I can also secrete pleasant scents, like that of a lily of the valley, or a rose. Similar to a rose, if you touch my bare skin while I do this, a thorn will emerge from where you've touched, pricking it. The semi paralyzed state will usually only last for ten to thirty minutes, unless it's a very poisonous gas.

Statice: Remembrance. Sympathy. Success.

My story is a nice and simple one. I've lived in a small town located within Ireland for as long as I can remember, with my Mama and Papa. I was born on a stormy night, with rain battering against the windows of the small home my parents where situated in. Something bad was going to happen...they knew it. And it did. I was born with this sickness, this strange power to act similar to a plant. The people who had birthed me immediately fled from the cottage, while my parents looked at me in horror. From then on, I was raised cautiously, most people who came near me scared of what I could and would do. My older sister, Arianne, was the only one that really accepted me. I loved her with all my heart. However, one day, I had smelled a poisonous flower without really meaning to, as my body does not become affected by natural poisons due to my ability. I unconsciously let out the gas while playing with my sister, who immediately became permanently paralyzed, since the flower was a very harmful one. She was ushered away by the townspeople, who glared at me as they rushed her off. I was scared, thinking that I had lost the only one that really thought about me, and that it was all my fault for holding this kind of power within me.

My sister was sent away for 'help', while I was to remain in the town and wait for the people's verdict. Had I injured my sister on purpose? I remember I had closed my eyes that day, feeling helpless and utterly alone; my parents had long since turned their backs on me. However, when I was about to be punished for my act, a village Elder named Nani came to my rescue. She decreed that I would live by myself in solitude, and at the age of eighteen, would be able to travel to a academy called Sorcerers, supposedly to help me with this ability. Nani later told me that the school would train me to control it, instead of getting rid of it. Of course I refused to train in it- what good would this do? I didn't want to hurt anyone any longer. However, I eventually agreed with her, moving to a small cottage on the outskirts of the town, spending my time reading, and wanting to see more of the world, waiting for the day when I could finally go to Sorcerers.

Bouvardia Double: Enthusiasm. Zest for life.

After School Stride - Gumi