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"GodHunter" Kyoya

Roleplay: "The Coming Darkness 2"

Player: IamEnzo

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Name: Kyoya "Pride"
Age: 34
Height: 6'5
Race: Human
Political side: Technology
Combat level: 70

Kyoya is known for his slick and secretive behavior as a security manager for Sorcerers, and being one of the GodHunters residing in the Gaze.
He has a short temper, but can very well hide his anger, unless it is something he cares about. 

As a Military Commander, he's more open to his comrades, and anyone else determined to stop Magic.

Equipment / Abilities
Kyoya is a GodHunter, meaning he spent most of his life hunting Soulless, and Soulless are powerful beings naturally.
Today, he rarely uses his abilities as a GodHunter unless it's the only option. No matter how many times he tries to think otherwise,
GodHunters use magic, and in result, he's switched to using technological weaponry as a Military Commander for the Royal Confederacy. 

Kyoya was born in a different era, thousands of years ago, from two perfectly normal peasants. He led an average life up until he met Kenji, a soldier and part-time blacksmith. He and Kenji, along with some other friends, went through life on the wild side. 

It was all fine until Kenji had stumbled upon a certain woman. A woman he rescued on the job. That was when Kenji distanced himself from his friends.
Kyoya, being one of his best friends, didn't like it. Didn't like her. Something felt 'off' about the entire situation. 
It continued for months, each day it got progressively worse. Things went from seeing Kenji daily for a few hours, to only catching glimpses of him, where'd he say "I gotta go!"

It pissed Kyoya off.

With his best friend nearly gone, he was turning his hatred for the woman towards his parents, the ones who brought him into the world. Arguments were thrown back and fourth, and one night, he was kicked out of their home. 

That was the night when Aurora happened. When magic had descended down onto the world. While his neighbors and fellow townsfolk gained their magical abilities, Kyoya gained something different. A flame. To this very day, he has no clue why. Kyoya discovered that his friends had odd color flames as well.

Kenji started to appear more. He looked angry - bent on something. The others believed that the magic came from god, and that Kenji wanted to kill him.
Of course, Kenji had the highest of respect, and at the time, it was possible, so his friends, Kyoya included, started a group named 'GodHunters'