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Hadrien Dromska

Roleplay: "Clone Warehouse"

Player: Schizophrenic

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The Knight of Illusion who serves under the Black Dove Guard.


Family Name:
12 Day Name: Hagan
12 Year Name: Adrien
Pilgrimage Name: N/A

Hadrien is a spitting image of his own father, sharing a large amount of similarities makes him easily recognizable as a Dromska man. His face is long with a wide jaw and prominent cheek bones. Deep set narrow light chocolate eyes with flecks of green lay underneath a distinguished brow that points downward his sloping nose that sets a bit wide near the nostrils. His lips are wide as well and slightly plump, cloaking his charming yet devious jackaline smile. Twenty seven years of age has treated him well for the most part, only roughing up his skin slightly along with the addition of laugh lines in the corner of his eyes. His hair is long, parted in the middle, shiny and a deep raven black but when the sun has been beaming on him long enough the color lightens up to reveal a dark maroon color. When warm weather like that comes along, his fair skin tends to darken right up as well due to his excessive time outside. But the most noticeable trait he bears on his face would be the thick scar that crosses over his brow over his right eye and lightly trails down his cheek.

Harboring a runners body, he is fit and well sculpted, but does not carry an excessive amount of muscle. Nor does he wear heavy plate armor, for both those things slow him down. Instead he prefers armor constructed of mostly cloth, but leather where it counts. Being a man of aesthetics, his armor follow his countries colors; purple and gold. Most noticeably being the cloak he wears quite often being made of purple velvet with gold stitching, adorned with the blue phoenix crest. His appearance may be quite gaudy, but he appreciates the finer things in life such as jewel crafting, often wearing gold rings not only on his finger but in his ear. His most cherished piece would be the one of a kind Rosedese glass necklace in the symbol of Minol, the balanced.

Date of Birth: 15th of Wilheden
Star Sign: Nida

“It is a mans job not only to love and care for the people in his life, but to have the ability to protect them as well.”

Many things make up this man, and he will tell you there is safety amongst unpredictability. For with age, winds will blow and times will change and if man is not able to change and grow with time then time will take that man. Philosophically creative, he is most comfortable when he is amongst the company of eager ears. This love for day dream like tales shows in his poems, writings and occasional song. Unfortunately this idealistic state of mind is not always the smartest, but in his eyes nothing has one right answer.

His voice is recognizable all across the many streets and taverns throughout Amberline-Pastine but they have already begun to spread (like word of mouth tends to do) farther through the cities of Arascon. His energy shows in not only his methodical ramblings but in his fighting skill as well. Hadrien would never admit to biting off more than he could chew, unafraid of size, skill, beauty. Never would he turn down a challenge too great, and this perseverance paid off into heightening his swift skill in both close range combat and sword fighting.

But Hadrien is not all well and good, just like any man under the gods, he is too gifted with flaws of his own for the world always seems to balance things out in such a way. Since the mans head is virtually overflowing with his point of view that he wishes to spread through entertaining, he tends to be quite vain believing that his word holds highly… and it should be recognized. If he were to be apposed of course he would humor the poor soul with a friendly debate on the subject, but all in all he was too stubborn from the start to harbor another opinion as more than anything but a simple… opinion. But this self centered attitude was enough to get him into a few or more squabbles, let alone the many times he has been approached with ill will due to matters of romance. It was just that Hadrien was not a man to lie, unless it was stories of fiction that harbored an underlying lesson, he was quite bold and brutally honest with both men and women. If he didn’t appreciate your company, he would tell you.

Equipment / Abilities
Holy Weapons: The Rainbow Rapier

Magical Abilities:

Create Doppelganger: This creates an illusive double of yourself. The Doppelganger has substance, but cannot speak. It can fight or act as a courier.
Disguise: This is the ability to disguise yourself as someone else without the use of props, make-up or wigs.
Invisibility: This is the ability to turn invisible including clothing and weapons.
Night Stalker: The ability to turn into a shadow. The user can also travel between shadows. It does not work in the light.
Elusiveness: Combining speed and agility is able to harness the power to move at a heightened pace.


  • Stealth
  • Close Quarters Combat
  • Sword Fighting
  • Tailoring
  • Inscription


  • Skilled at gathering information both private and public.
  • Granted access to the most illusive places.
  • Has the ability to detect most minor traps.


  • Very blunt and insensitive at times.
  • Tends to act on his own, rather than with a team.
  • His decision making is not always logical, but rather more emotional.

Born in Marino, raised by a father who worked on creating and building war ships for the Kings military, this is where the boys interest in battle was first born. His mother was of weak constitution since his birth, and housebound she began to share stories with her son, enjoying passing the tales of the world down to him. In time, he inherited her skill with words… and interest as well. Many tradesmen passed through his “port” town, and being the personable child he was, would convince many of them to share at least one tale with him before departing. One of those tradesmen would actually be the man who later on gave the boy known as Hadrien his 12 year name. Even though this man who went by the name Cosmin only traveled through the town but twice a year, Hadrien admired the man greatly and looked forward to his visits every year. Cosmin would always take the time to sit down with the boy and tell him various legends, tall tales… true or not, they delighted the boy and he cherished every one. And the day Cosmin gave him the name Adrien, was a day he would look back fondly on for years to come.

Upon coming of age, his father was kind enough to bring him along on a trading trip to their countries capitol, Amberlin-Pastine. During his stay their he experienced all his father wished him to, but when they were set to return home Hadrienprotested and insisted upon staying within the city. A bold decision it was, even if now he was considered a man. Apprehensive at first, it took his father another nights stay to determine what the final decision would be, in the end… he agreed to comply with his sons eagerness for independence. In order to give the boy a head up, his father arranged that he stay with a retired military man who would accept their families trade for room and board. While living under this old man known as Gervaas, he passed down the ways of close combat training, and taught him the proper way to wield a weapon. Surprisingly enough, Hadrien took on each lesson after the next… working through every challenge with precision. Gervaas had a firm role in leading the young adult down a path to becoming a great fighter; teaching him to use what Hadrien always saw to be his own flaws to his advantage, focusing on speed and agility to overcome those of a greater size and strength.

It wasn’t long before he had to part ways with his trainer with great thanks to finally take on the world by himself. Even though he concerned himself with military interest and quickly sought out to serve in The Red Dawn Army, he still took a great interest in storytelling and entertaining. In his soldier days he spent plenty of time devoting himself to protecting his people, but also frequented the beds of many women. Never did he marry, and still to this day can’t say he has ever met a woman who he would take as his bride, but rumors of a child bearing his resemblance linger around the city (which he usually pays no matter to, figuring it to be nothing more than just stories). Along with that lifestyle came many nights where he would frequent a popular tavern that served mainly military types but predominately knights. With Hadrien being the man he is, would occasionally boast about himself between the stories he told. Little was he ever challenged to prove his claims, but one Knight by the name of Faris who was a member of the Black Dove Guard was eager to challenge his “tall tales”. Without even the bat of an eyelash, Hadrien agreed to spar with the knight of whom which he did end up beating. It was said that Faris was a tad on the tipsy side giving him a disadvantage but Hadrien would tell it as if he were level headed at the time and it was a completely fair fight.

Not long after that late night fight took place, a good friend of Faris named Kite who had shared stories with Hadrien in the past came to him with news of Faris’ death. The exchange was of few words, but a great gift. Kite left Hadrien with The Rainbow Rapier, which was previously wielded by the departed Faris.

Soon after, Hadrien was summoned to serve the queen in her personal Black Dove Guard. The request alone was enough to shake a man, but he took it on courageously. Along with his Knightly duties, Hadrien is also a personal entertainer of the queen herself.

1 - Agility
2 - Speed
3 - Charisma
4 - Intuition
5 - Physical Beauty
6 - Intelligence
7 - Strength
8 - Wisdom
9 - Stamina
10 - Constitution